Saturday, August 21, 2010


She'll make you
Stomp, Whistle and Shout.
Curve-Cravin Lovin'
That all the men want to Mount.
Jab, Shovel and Stab,
Boys Beware, You Can Stare,
But You Better Pay
Your Own Tab.
I Know she's a Sight to See,
But Referee, Count 1-2-3
Because I'm Sorry Sir,
That Knockout's with Me!"

She'll make you
Believe that Looks Can Kill
Don't Fill up Your Glass.
Because You will Spill."
Smile, Look and Laugh,
But Don't You Touch!
Oh, You Bought us Lunch,
and this Drink is for Free.
Thanks a Bunch!
Now Let us Be..
Oh, Referee, Count 1-2-3
Because I'm Sorry Grandpa,
The Knockout's with Me!"

She'll make you
all wanna Battle Royale,
But I'm Sorry Pal,
For She's my Gal.
Don't Talk, You will Drop,
I'm a LuckyBuckshot,
She's Everything you want,
And She's What I Got."
Don't Pull Fitz, Oven Mitz,
Match Maker, Back Breaker,
If You Win, I Still Take Her!"
Referee Count 1-2-3,
Referee Count 1-2-3,
This Knockout's with Me!"

Who Are You?"

We Might Fight, We Might Argue,
Why? We Might not have a Clue..
But Even the Sky, Doesn’t always stay Blue.
I’m Your Guy, But before you Came,
Who Was I? How did I try?
Don’t Take this to Heart,
Don’t Let this Tare us Apart.
I’m not Trying’ to take this too Far,
You Know, I Know who You Are..
But Sometimes when I look at you,
I ask myself, Who are You?
And How Do You Do what you Do,
I just don’t know how, I Used to Live,
Without a Girl as Great as You.”