Saturday, August 21, 2010


She'll make you
Stomp, Whistle and Shout.
Curve-Cravin Lovin'
That all the men want to Mount.
Jab, Shovel and Stab,
Boys Beware, You Can Stare,
But You Better Pay
Your Own Tab.
I Know she's a Sight to See,
But Referee, Count 1-2-3
Because I'm Sorry Sir,
That Knockout's with Me!"

She'll make you
Believe that Looks Can Kill
Don't Fill up Your Glass.
Because You will Spill."
Smile, Look and Laugh,
But Don't You Touch!
Oh, You Bought us Lunch,
and this Drink is for Free.
Thanks a Bunch!
Now Let us Be..
Oh, Referee, Count 1-2-3
Because I'm Sorry Grandpa,
The Knockout's with Me!"

She'll make you
all wanna Battle Royale,
But I'm Sorry Pal,
For She's my Gal.
Don't Talk, You will Drop,
I'm a LuckyBuckshot,
She's Everything you want,
And She's What I Got."
Don't Pull Fitz, Oven Mitz,
Match Maker, Back Breaker,
If You Win, I Still Take Her!"
Referee Count 1-2-3,
Referee Count 1-2-3,
This Knockout's with Me!"

Who Are You?"

We Might Fight, We Might Argue,
Why? We Might not have a Clue..
But Even the Sky, Doesn’t always stay Blue.
I’m Your Guy, But before you Came,
Who Was I? How did I try?
Don’t Take this to Heart,
Don’t Let this Tare us Apart.
I’m not Trying’ to take this too Far,
You Know, I Know who You Are..
But Sometimes when I look at you,
I ask myself, Who are You?
And How Do You Do what you Do,
I just don’t know how, I Used to Live,
Without a Girl as Great as You.”

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lucky Date

Ladies might be a Dime a Dozen,
But Only One Lucky Penny,
is Worth the time for Lovin'
A Bird has Flew,
But No Cloud is Even Ever Higher,
then a Girl as Great as You!"
The Dog never Knew,
I Knocked on the Door
The Cat had a Clue,
With a Dozen Red Roses,
I Gave them all to YOU!"

The Old Broadway

I Don't Care if Your a Cougar or a Cub,
If Your atleast 18 you'll belong in my Club.
I Can Make a Funny,
You'll Feel it in Your Tummy,
Ya-ya Yummy!
I'll Sprinkle Fun in Your Hair,
if You Pull Out Your Tongue,
I'll Put it in There.
I Can have fun,
Just about Anywhere."

They Call me the Critter,
If I Can Put it in Her,
Then She's a Winner."
I'm a Hunter,
But I'm not a Killer,
So Bring more Shots,
Because that's my Dinner!"
I See all these Bitches,
And I know they see me.
I'll Flaunt all my Money,
at the OB!"

Sit and Stare

It's a Simple "Hi, How are you?" or "What do you do?"
That makes your One Love Come True
Get up off of Your Seat, Meet and Greet.
Listen to Every Word they Say,
Then Maybe Later Go to Bed and Play.
Take a Dare, And Hop Out of Your Chair."
Don't Just Continue to Sit and Stare
And Wonder how all the Others are able
to Always get There.."If You Don't Care,
Then Continue too Just Sit and Stare."

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Alcoholic

I Got no Fortune, I Got no Class,
All I Got is a Bottle, Underneath my Ass.
You Might Ask, Where Did I Steer Wrong Here?"
I Will Tell You, Just Bring More Beer."
When I Got Money, All I Buy is Booze,
You Might Say it's Wrong, But I Don't Care to Win or Lose."
This is Just What I Choose.."
I Believe I will Always Use,
If You Aern't My Ride Home,..
Please Leave me Alone."
I Don't Need Food, I'm in the Cryin' Mood.
I Got More Money, Fill up my Glass,
Silence, I'm Kickin' my Own Damn Ass."

Don't Feed the Cat

It was suppost to be a One Night Stand,
But then Things Got Out of Hand,
One Night Lasted Longer then One Little Lay,
She Kept Coming Back Day after Day,..
How Was I to Know? That if I feed the Cat Once,
It Won't Ever Go Away.."

I Know I'm the One to Blame,..
For Buying into her Selfish Cries
Everytime the Seductive Mynx Came."
But Now I'm Expected to always again Save..
Crooked Cat, Why Can't You Split?"
I Guess I Dug my Own Grave,
And I'm Rollin' in it!"

Now, I'm Ignoring her Calls..
But I get so Annoyed,
I Punch Holes in my Walls,
Next Time my Own Dog Barks,
I Won't Feed him a Bone..
I'm Sorry I Had No Sparks,
You Crazy Cat,
Just Please Go Home!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Your Tomboy

Her Best Friends are Guys,
So Her Beauty, Never Goes Unnoticed
And No Matter How much She Tries,
She's followed by a bunch of staring eyes,
But Everybody Just Pretends,
that there not really wanting to be
More then Friends.."
You all Smile,
Because you Know it's all True.."
She don't like Pink,
You know it's all Blue..
She'll make you go Naughty.
She's not just a Tomboy,
She's a Hottie."

She's always wanted a Rose,
She's got Dirt on her Face,
And Mud, All Over her Clothes..
She Could Fill out a Dress,
But Nobody Asks, So Nobody,
Ever Really Knows.
You Skip out on a Party,
She's not just the Tomboy,
She's a Hottie."

She'll throw you a Ball,
And Laugh, Everytime you Fall,
She'll Only make you mad for a second,
You Don't Yell, Because You Never..
Want to Wreck it,
She Doesn't do her Hair,
She'll Always Wear a Bun or a Hat,
Because Right now, She just Don't Care.
She'll make you Sometimes Wonder,
How did You ever live with out her."
You think of her Body,
She's not just Your Tomboy,
She's a Hottie."

Thank Women

She Wanted a Man Who Was a Smart,..
I Picked up a Pen, and a Napkin,
I Thought on How to get closer to her,
With words from my Heart,
I Wrote down all Kind's of Lines and Rhymes..
I Even Learned how to Draw a Work of Art.
Then One Day She Moved Away, But Now I Knew,
Creativity was One Thing I could do,
And A Woman Showed me how to start."

She Wanted a Man Who Could Move his Feet,..
I Was Tone Deaf and Didn't Know any Sound or Beat,
But She Smiled, and I took Her Hand,
And I Became the Man.
I Took a Chance and I Learned how to Dance,
Eventually it Lost all Romance,
I Arose and She Left, It Was just to good to be True,
But I Never Knew, Dancing was one Other Thing,
A Woman Showed me I Could do."

She Wanted a Man Who Could take that Stage,
I Was Nervous, and Shy, But Before I met Her,
I Knew I Could Never even Try..
But the Song, I Sang, Came Out Just Right,
And She Loved me all through the Night..
Other People Clapped and I Laughed,
I Arose and She Left, It Was to Good to be True,
But I Never Knew, Singing was one Other Thing,
that A Woman, Showed me.. I Could do."

I Cannot Deny I Still Miss Them all,
But A Man Who Will Rise..
Musn't Be Affraid to Fall,
They Filled me up with Knowledge and Wisdom,
My Talents, my Abilities and my Passion,
All Though No Woman I Ever Knew,
Even Ever Had a Clue,
But If I Ever Run Into Anyone of them Again,
I'll Say, You Women, I Thank You!"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Good Names

She's Not Yet Mine,
But Hopefully She Will Be,
I'm Just Giving Her Time,
She is the Chooser
For her Next Suiter,
She's Just Making Sure
I'm Not Another Loser,
I Call her by her Name
I Play as a Royal Flush
in her Game."

Right Now I'm her Flirt,
She' Only Affraid
She Might Get Hurt,
I See Sparks, But She
See's Flames,
If She Were my Girl
I'd Give Her Good Names..
She'd be, a Sweety, my Sugar,
my Honey, my Baby,
if She Ever Became
my Lady."

Mistake Men Make

You Looked as if you Wanted to Dance,
I Saw Romance, But I Felt as if I Had No Chance..
My Feet Got Strong, I Said to Myself "Get up and Go On!"
My Hand's Started to Shake and My Shirt got Sweaty,
But Before I Could Speak, You Said, Cowboy Are you Ready?"
And that's a Mistake that Most Men Make,
But it was the Risk, that Was Worth the Take!"

As I Stepped Closer, She Got Hotter,
She Smiled and She Laughed, She Moved and I Lead,
My Heart Stopped and I Wasn't Dead.
Then She asked what was Wrong?
I Said What? What took you so Long?"
And that's a Mistake that Most Men Make,
But I Can Say Now, it's a Habbit,
that Most Men Must Break!

Lake Home Lovin

Mix You up an Ice Cold Shake,
Cook Barbeque when You Awake,
Cut a Watermelon, Take You Out the Lake,
Roll Out a Long Towel, Flat on the Dock,
Spit Sunflowers and Just Sit there and Talk."
Rest are Feet Above the Water,
Flip You Over When Your Back get's Hotter,
She's my Little Mermaid on Land,
And I'm Glad that I Caught Her!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dirty Minds Dirty

"She's Got Junk in the Trunk and if Your a Hunk,
Just Your Luck, She Got a Tummy Tuck,
And She'll Want to... Show it Off!
She'll Show Off her Rack, if Her Bra is Black,
Look at those Girls with Tnak Tops, and Cut-Offs."
Braided Hair, I Saw Her Teeth, But You Don't Care,
She Might be a Hick, But Don't Be Affraid to go Talk,
Because She'll Still Blow Your... Sock's Off!"

Another Door Opens

You Closed that Door..
Yell at Yourself for Falling for the Whore,
A Tear Rolling Down Your Chin,
Toss Her Things into a Bin,
And Don't Want to Look Again,
You Smile for the While,
Until You Crumple the Pile,
You look Like Another Man,
One You Bearly Remember,
Or One You really Don't Even Know.. Anymore."
All Anybody Ever Sees..
Is Only What You Show,
Or Something You never Let Go!"
And When You Finally Move On,
You Begin to Look at Life Like it Wasn't Alway there.."
Like You Didn't Know the Other Door wasn't Gone."
No Worry, No Care. You Grow Strong.
No longer Will You Easily Break,
Just Bend, Begin to Mend,
Find Another Lover, Make a New Friend,
You Find What You Were Looking For,
And it All Starts,..
With the Opening of
Another Door!"

Why Does Love have to be Just a Game?

"People Fall In and Out of Love Everyday,
But if Your willing to Play,
Do You Think I'll really Want to Stay?"
This is what Cause's Men like Me to just Walk Away.."
It's Getting Kind of Lame..
Why is Your Love Such a Game?"

I'd Laugh in the Rain,
But I Won't Smile for My Pain,
I Feel, So I Kneel.. Is this Your Way of Love?"
Are You Being Fake or is this Real?
It's a Shame, that You Even Ever Came,
Can't You See You're Drving me Insane..
Why Does Your love Have to be a Game?"

There might be Givers,
And there Might be Takers,
But Fakers,.. Are Heart Breakers.."
How Can You Fall in Love with One?
If There All the Same...
Why Does Love, Have to Be, Just a Game?"

Pickup Call

We Made Out Against the Wall,
Until We Made it to the Hall,
It Started Getting Hott,
Then Clothes Came Off,
She Layed me Down and
then She Got on Top!"
Tunred Out the Light..
I'd Claw at Her,
She Began to Bite,
I'll Admit, I Didn't put up
Much of a Fight..."
I Only Gave Her My Number,
But She Followed me Home,
It Started as "Hello, How are You?"
And it Climbed up with a Screw for Two..
But it Ended with a "Girl I Once Knew"
All in All I thought the Blind Date Went Well,
Until She Offered me a Ride to hell."
But Herself Wouldn't Come Along.
I was there in the Spring, Winter and Fall..
The Man Who Became the Booty Call."
But That's okay. I Don't Need One Woman.
I Want them All."

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Hour

The Girls all Smile,.. Even When the Meal Ain't Hot,
You Like his Company, And You Want to Buy him the Shot!"
He Warms you up, Before he Even Poors Your Cup,
You Take a Sip, And You Can't Help But Tip!"

Humming and Running Around the Caffe'
Always Has Something Funny to Say,
Dancing and Skipping Around the Table..
More Entertaining then at Home Cable!"

Tossing Your Straws Bows at Applause,
And Never Flaws..Making Your Dinner a Time of Fun,
Before You Go Back Out and Enjoy that Sun.
This Server will Serve for Everyone!"

He'll Walk to a Beat, Keep You Laughing in Your Seat,
Skip's Along, Sing's a Good Song, Apologise's When Wrong,
Say Sorry Sir, and Thank you to Her!.."
Nothing Greater then a Waitor, You Can all talk too.."

Small Talk, Long Talk, Not a Robot, Or a Fancy Rock,
Make you Enjoy the Place,..
And Leave You With a Smile,
On the Face!"

My Own Poem

My Morals have been Tossed, I Feel Alone and Lost,
I'm Losing my Mind, I've Just Been Boozin' and Loosin'
While Waistin' my Time. I'm no Longer Tryin'.
I'm Sick of Cryin'. I Hate Myself a little more and more everyday.."
But Not Today, No Longer, Will I Sit Here, and Wait.
And Hope One Day Again, Life Will Be Great.. that's not my Fate."

I'm Gonna Be Somebody. Make Some Money,
Buy a House, And Start a Family..
Gain More Friends, and Follow Trends."
Work Hard at Work, Be the Next Captain Kirk.
Buy Another House on the Shore,
And Always Look Forward.. For Something More!.."

Life is Hard, You Can Live Unscathed But You Might Get Scarred."
It's not a Park Walk, And Talk is Cheap, But You Need to take that Leap!"
Take a Grip my Man, You Only Need You,
Not Somebody to Always Hold Your Hand,..
You Live Your Own Show, And You are the Star,
When Your Feeling Low, Jumpin' in Your Car,
Green Means Go! My Son, You Will Go Far!.."

That Smilin' Face

Don't think I Forgot, the Times we Shared,
Don't Believe, that I never Cared,
Don't Listen, to What Other People Say,
You Were my Life, You Were my Night and Day!
Don't Forget Who You Are, Life is Not a Race..
And Don't think you Won't Go Far,
And Don't You Change, That Smilin' Face."

Don't Look at Life As if it's Lost,
Hold On and Stay Strong at any Cost..
You Don't need Another Man,
To Make You Feel Your Dream's Weren't Tossed.
Don't Be Affraid of Being Alone
Your Dreams aern't Lost,You Can Still Chase..
I'll be the One to Drive You Home,
And Don't You Change, That Smilin' Face."

Don't find Yourself Stuck in the Past,
Don't let Hard Time's and Bad Memories Hit You Fast,
Live For the Moment, And Make it Last..
Don't think Your Body is a Curse,
Don't think Your Caringness is getting Worse..
Don't Be Affraid to Trust, And Don't be Guarded to Lust.
Baby, You'll One Day Find Your Place..
And Don't You Change, That Smilin' Face!"

Poor Patient

"She'll Bend You Over and Make You Cough,
You Smile, Because it Get's You Off,
She Cares For your Health with a Religous Red Cross,
You Listen, Because You Know that She is the Boss,
You Try to Talk, But Your Eyes, are Still in Shock.
Later You Fight, But it Ends Alright, Cause You Just Can't Resist,
that Lady in White."You Apologise for that You Fought,
You Suck it Up,And You Take that Shot.The Seat is Cold,
But this Lady is Not. You Were Only a Little Sick,
But Now it Got Worse, Because it Wasn't Your Mom,
It was your Heart, that was Handled by the Love of a Nurse."

Another Page

You Say You Don't Want me, But You Don't See What I Do, And that is You.
How Many Women Are Sure of What they Really Want, Be Sure, Better Be Sure,
Look at What You Already Got, You Can't Win or Lose if You Don't Take the Shot.
Her Hand's are Cold, But When I Rub them they are Hot. When I Swallow,
Breath Loud, Legs Grow Weak or Hollow, I Feel lifted up by a Cloud, I Get Frightend,
But Brightend, When You Catch What I Want in Your Eyes, I hope One Day You Relise,
I'm Not Like all your other Guys, Time Fly's, So Can You Tell What it is I'm Thinkin?"
If You Can't I Will Let You Know and Smile at Your Eyes by Winkin."