Monday, November 30, 2009

What a Man Does

I hope you Understand. I'm a Man With a Plan,
So C'mon my Love and Hold my Hand."
I Will Build Our Home. You Can Grow a Garden.
And You Will Never Be Alone, I Will Break a Rock,
And You Will Wear a Stone, I Will Roll the Kart,
And You Will Pick the Food, But You Don't Have to Cook,
I Can Do that Too.If I'm Under the Same Sheet,
I Can Rub Your Feet.If Your Feeling into Deep,
You Can Rest Your Eyes Or You Can Go to Sleep.
I Will Continue Strong, If Your Love is Looking Weak,
We Can Take a Break, I Will Keep You Warm
in the Coldest of the Lake,And I Can Get Away with it,
Just Because, that's what a Man Does.."

I Will Fish for Bass, You Can Fog up Glass..
I Will Ring Your Hair, if You Will Raise my Mass.
We Never have to Fight, If I agree your Always Right.
We Can Stay at Home or We Can Go All Night.
I Can Make the Coffee, You Can Poor a Cup.
I'll Still Love You Without the Makeup.
I'll Tie a Tie around my neck or go Outside
till my Skin Turns Red When I Paint that Deck."
But What Do You Expect, I'm Your Armor to Protect.
Because I Am Just A Man and this is What he Does.."
I'm Your Man, and Everything I do,
is all for Women such as You!"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Skippable Rock

Some Might Be Solid, they all Come in many Shape's and Size's.
But Every Single One of them was made to be Unique,
The Color Might Catch you Eye, Anyone of them can Fly
But You Best Believe any Set can Jet Across with a Toss,
Some are like a Saucer, Don't make that Mistake,
Because Each and Everyone of them has the Potential to be Great.
To Skip and Make You Smile, Through any Old Yellow Lake,
Any Rock is Skippable, Anyone of them can be Beauitiful
Any Object or a Thing Can be Compared to a She,
This Object that is Mine, I've Loved her for all Time,
If I Love her Splash, I Say that's my Favorite Sound,
If You Find a Favorite that You Seek, Don't Worry you can Keep.
If Not for You, You can Always Turn Back Around
And Continue Lookin' Down, Keep Your Eye's on the Ground
Until the Right One for Who, is You is Found."

Independent Woman

He's Got You Tied to His Tree,
And You Forgive him When He Untie's You Free,
That's Not a Good Reason to Do What he will Do,
Don't Allow Someone to Step All Over You.
You Should be the One to Flee,
But You Shouldn't Be So Blind To See,
Even if He Soon Admit's He was Wrong,
That's No Reason for you Two too Continue on,.
Don't go Along, If You Know He Doesn't Belong,
A Women Can Alway's be Equally or more so Strong,
He Will Call and Cry Through the Phone,
And Lighten his Tone, Next Time You Two are Alone,
He Might think it's all Okay at the End of the Day,
But it's You, Who always has the Final Say,
He Will Look into Youe Eyes, to Apologise for Lies,
There Might Be a Million Fish in the Sea,
But There's always a Fishermen fishing like me,
Just Beacause he's Really Good at Something,
Doesn't Mean He's Not a Good for Nothing,
But Don't take this Asshole Attraction to Shock,
A Good Boy Can go Bad to Get a Woman to Talk,
Don't Be the One Who Should Have Ran,
Never Be Affraid of Losing One Man,
A Beauty Such as You Shouldn't Allow this shit to Stand!"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Go-Far Man

He Remains Always Happy and he Will Sweep You Off Your Feet,
His Mood Always Stays so UpBeat,
He Will Never Admit Defeat, And When He's Talking,
He Will Have You Smilin' in Your Seat,
He Will Always Remember Your Name, Everytime You Meet and Greet.
His Pitch is Never the Same.
He Always Changes his Game, He's Not a Player,
But He Bring's Shy Wandering Lonely Eye's to Shame.
He's the Man You Want to Choose,
Because He Will Never Tell You How To Lose,
His Presence never Goes Unseen.
His Clothes are all Dirt Cheap and His Hair is Always Cut and Clean.
He Will Think Big And Want to Go Green.
You'd Think He had Symbol on his Chest with a Giant "S"
He Won't Settle for Second Best, He Looks to Sky's and never lies.
He Will Listen, But that's a Given."
Dances to Love Shack, For What You Lack,
This Man Will Always Have Your Back."
He Back's Up his Points, and Show's You the Fact's,
Let's Get Back to Brass Tasks, He will Meet You in Joints,
Put's Romance in His Dance, And Will Give Any One a Second Chance,
Skip's Down the Hall,He's the One You Want to Call,
When You think You've Heard it All.
He's Sometimes Early, But He's Never Late."
But What You Think Most of Him that is Great,
Is How You Look at Him, And Wish You Could Relate."
The Go-Far Man, Does the Best He Can.
So, How Do I Know all of this?
Because that's Just Who I Am."

Our Song

Soon I Might Have to Live Alone, I'm Driving Across the Sunset Strip,
Leaving the Place I used to Call Home, Listening to the Radio.
I Compare this Singer's Song to my Own Life which is really Going On."
I Got Some Money, But it's Just Enough for us to Live.
It Might Sound Greedy, But it's True, I Just Can't afford a Love Like You.
I Wish there was Something, Something I Could Do."
To Keep on Livin' with a Girl Like You, i Want to Make You Happy
I Want make you the Best, Because the Best You Will One Day Be."
I Only Wish it Would be with me."
I Know You Got to Start down here, To Look up there,
I Got a Job, I Know People, But I Don't Want You to Go,
I Got You Girl, But What I Do Not Know, is For How Long,
So That's Why I Cry, Everytime I Hear this Song."

I'm Sitting at Home Alone, My Boy Left Out On a Trip
I Wish He Would Walk Back in, And we Could Start Again,
My Favorite Song is on the Tv, it Reminds me of the Boy I Knew,
I Wish He Could See, I Don't Care about the Money,
I Only Care that he Love's Me, He Might Not think it's True,
I Want to be the One for You, I'd Be So Happy, if He'd Stay
I've Never Wanted Nothing More, then for Him to Walk Back
in thru that Door.I Just Wish I, Wasn't the Reason..
He Won't Stop Fighting For, We Got to Start Right Here,
And then We'll Make it Out There. You Were the Only One,
Who Had a Chance, When You Asked me To Dance,
So I Would Never Leave, So Don't Ever Think I Will,
You Can't Ever Do me Wrong and that's Why this is, My Favorite Song."

I'm Sorry, I Can't Give You What You Want, I Am All I Got.And That's Okay, I Don't Need all of that anyway, Cause You What I Want."
I Want to Buy You Alot of Pretty Things, Like Diamonds and Rings.
Who Need's Those?.. There Just Things."
I Want to Take You to a Special Place.
Why? When I Can Just Look at Your Face."
I Want to Make Your Dreams Come True.
Then Just Give Me You."
I Want You to Know, that I Care."
I Already Know You Do...
All I Want From You is You to Continue, the Love that we Share."

So I just Sit Home and Just Stay Strong,
Hoping My Boy Ain't Gone.
I Hope that's Him Opening the Door..
It's Our Song."

Monday, November 9, 2009


Like an Unwanted Hunter Hiding His Kill in the Ditch
Like a Salesman Using his Everyday Pitch,
Like a Server Sticking Around to Make Her Hourly Wage
Like a Lion Felt like Being Locked in a Cage,
To a Person Driving with Only One Headlight On
To Somebody Going up on stage to Sing a Song,
To a Grandma Who Bakes the Best Bannana Bread
From Momma Who Won't Be Happy Until Your Fed,
From a Bride Who's Steals Your Pride
To a Son Who Won't Leave Your Side,
Like a Player Who Can Never Change his Game,
From a Loser who bows his head in Shame
To a Drifer who has to Lie about Changing his Name,
From a Highschool Drop-Out due to a Pregnancy Test.
To An Old Wise Veteran Who Earned his Rest,
To a Lady fighting a Cancerous Disease,
To a Priest wanting Peace,
To a Child Saying Yes more Please.
To a Cop who started the Crime,
From an innocent still doing time.
To a Gambler who will try to win at any Cost
From a Co-Worker who's Sick of Being Bossed,
To a Best Friend Who was Double Crossed.
To a Beauitful hair Honey Who Feels the Need for Bleach,
To a Baby Who Can Bearly Reach,
To a Surfer Who's Waiting for a Wave,
From a Profit Who's expected to Save.
This is the Land of the Brave."

Mrs. Right

Im Starting to Get Sick of these Different Girls Week after Week.
And the Other One's in Between, that I have to Sneak.
I Hate Braggin' to my Buddies about a One Night Stand,
And Listen to them Tell me that "I'm the Man."
It Was First All In Fun, But Now I Really Want to Find the One.
The One Who Can Make All these Chasing Days Done.
Someone I Can Finally Find that I Can Call Mine,
In the End Be Worth All of the Wasted Time.
I Will Keep Searching, Because I Know if A Mr. Right is Lurking,
Then by Chance Maybe this Mister, Has a Sister.
I Promise Myself I'll turn my Life Around, When Lady Right is Found."

Soon I Want Young Ones, Playing Dolls or Shooting Guns,
Take them Out to Eat Burgers at a Bar, Take Home Fries in a Styrofone Box,
Only to Leave them Cold in the Car, Grab a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cone
So They Can Fall asleep on Our Way Back From the Lake Home,
And they can sit in the Back Seat as they Dangle there Feet,
As I turn my Head Right, Me and my Lady's Eyes Will Meet,
The House Will Always Be a Mess, Collect Photo's of my New Life,
Lay in My Bed and Watch my Lady Undress, Except this Lady's my Wife,
After We Blow Off Stress, I'll Smile, Because I Found Happyness.
And I Will Hold Her Tight Through Out Out the Night,..
Hopefully All this Will Happen.. When I Find Mrs. Right.."

Late Angel, Early Devil

I Got a Handful of Problems,
But Who Doesn't?
Yes I Sin,
I Sin Every Now and Then,
Doctor Says,..
"I Have to Pop These Pills,
Again and Again,"
But Hopefully Not Forever
I Fight About it With my Father,
But We Both Try to Get along,
Because We Both Need One Another.
If You Need Some Help,
I'll Offer You What I Can,
Don't Thank Me,
Because That's Just Who I Am,
I'll Try to Re-Arrange,
But I Will Never Change,
You Might Look at Me
And Only See Another Pretty Face
But What You Might Not Know,
Is What I Don't Show,
You Wouldn't Want Me,
If You Only Want What You See,
It's Best You Just Move Along,
I'm Not What You Seek,
In The End I'll Do You Wrong,
So Just Turn A Cheek,
But You Can Still Have a Chair,
Everybody Knows me Here,
I'm Not Saying I'm a Star
Maybe Only At My Favorite Bar,
So People Talk, Just Let them Talk, Because it's Only Talk,
If You See Tears Fall from my Chin,
Don't Ask, Because I Don't Want to Bring You in,
We Just met to Late, Not on Time,
If I see You When I'm more Braver,.
Hopefully I Can Laugh about this Later."
Here's a Tip, Try not to Forget,
Because I Care, Here's the Spill..
If you Don't Like Yourself,
Nobody Will."

Scarecrow Baby

"I'm Pretty Hardcore, When I Roll that Toilet Paper to the Floor,
And How I Holler and Scream When I Pound on the Door,
I'll Tangle up your Slinky and Whip Out my Binky,
What's Yours is Mine and What's Mine is Also Mine, Pull on Your Hair,
I Don't Care about the word Share, And I'll Write on the Wall,
When You ain't there, I Will Fill up my Booty with Poopie,
And I'll Leave it All, Just For You, to Do!"

If Your Under Less Stress, I'll Make a Mess,
If You Think it Can't Get Any Worse, Your Not the Only One
Who Can Poor Out Your Purse, I'll Clog up the Drain,
Make You Go insane, but You Can't Complain Cause I Got Only
Half a Brain, I'll Leave Food on my Chin, And I Always Win,
Don't Play Dumb Around Me, Or You Will See,
How Bad this Baby Can Be!"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Secure Lure

His Confidence is Growing, and Your Questions Keep Flowing,
He's a Mystery Man, the One you Don't Quite Understand,
the One you Can't Quite Figure Out, But Want to Find Out What's He's All About.
He's a Mystery Man, You Would Very Much Like to Know, But He Doesn't Show,
You Don't Know his Past and When You Ask, He Looks the Other Way Fast,
He'a a Mystery Man, You Wonder How He Does the thing's he does,
He Can Lay You any Line on Time, and the Further that You Climb,
He Won't Show You a Sign, You Can't See Through His Eye's Like Other Guy's.
There's Something about him that make's him not like all the same,
He Brings all the Other Little Predictable Boy's to Shame,
He's a Mystery Man, Is that Even his Real Name?
Persuasive and Embrassive, Suspuspicous Yet Delicious,
Your Always Interested in What He Has To Say, But Who is he anyway? Could he be Gay?
He Might Not Dress to Impress, You Listen More When He Tells You Less,
But He Doesn't Confess Like all The Rest, You Don't Fear Of what You Might be Preapared
to Hear, But it Doen't Matter what he whisper's in Your Ear, He Won't Tell You Dear,
He Never Let's Up More then He Has Too. And that Intrigues You,
Oh Mystery Man, How Do you Do the Thing's You Do?
He Could Just Say Goodbye, Or Wear a Suit And a Tie, Or Never ever have to Try,
Make You Believe maybe people Can Fly, Without Telling a Lie,..
And You Would Just Want to Know Why? Who is This Guy? He's a Mystery, Who is He?
He's a Mystery Man."

Cancer Sadness

Someday I Will Be Going Way.. And I Can't Come Back,
But Don't Think I Don't Know, That You Don't Want Me to Go When I Do,
Don't Look so Sad, And Don't Get Mad Later, You Were my Best Friend,
The Best I Ever Had, But It's Not Late For You, Too Start a New,
I Hope Someday You Find Someone, Who Can Make You Happy,Your Still Young,
Live Your Life and Have Some Fun, Don't Cry for Me, I Once had it All,
I Just Couldn't See, You Brought Out the Best in Me,
Don't Be Shy, Sit and Wonder Why? Never Lie, Live Everyday Like Your Gonna Die,
Nobody in the World is Better, Better then You,
To the World You Are Only One, But to One, You are the World.
Don't Be Affraid to Fall or Fail, If You Believe, You Will Achieve,
I'm Sorry But One Day I will Have to Leave.. I'm Sorry When I was Tuff,
Just Because I Had it Ruff, Stay on Your Feet, Listen and Repeat,
If You Never Ask, You'll Never Learn, If You Never Fail, You'll Never Earn,
My Time is Almost Up, So Now it's Your Turn, I mIght have Gave you that Line,
Almost all of the Time, And When You Thought You Had Enough,
I Showed You How to Love.. But Can You Stay Strong? And Stilly Carry-On,
When I'm Gone, I Know it's a Sad Song, But What's Worse, is that it's Mine,
It Might Get Better in Time, All I Know is I'm Not Ready to Go, But it's Not my Call,
I'll Miss You All, My Speech is Getting slower.. My Eyes are Getting Lower,
This is Not me Getting Older, But Your Voice is starting to Fade Away,
As I Lay and Watch You Prey, I Hope You Can Come See me Again Someday."