Friday, January 21, 2011

I'd do Anything

It was on this playground,
Right Behind this pitcher's mound,
When a kiss on the lip's was a big thing,
When a quarter could buy you a wedding ring,
And as soon as I jumped off that bus I'd Sing..

God, I'd do anything
To hold on to this precious thing
To tell Time what I'm telling You,
Just name it God and that's what I'll do,
I know someday's I may pray for it all,
But I would put this above it all,
God, I'd do anything..
Just Don't Change a thing.

It was on this lake,
We'd keep our beer's in the cooler so they don't bake,
Year after year Outdue last year's summer break,
Laugh and Learn from the mistakes we used to make,
When the girl you've been lookin' for,
becomes more then just a fling,
And You're just prayin' for that day,
You Hear those church bells ring..
And I sing,

I'd do anything,
To hold on to that precious thing,
To Tell Her what I'm telling You,
If I really want it, that's just what I'll do,
I know someday's I want it all,
But I will put this one above it all,
God, I'm sorry I asked for anything...
For you gave me life,
And I wouldn't change a thing."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Help is Someone

You Never Know how much Arms Might Get You Home
Just Remember and Always Know You are Not Alone.
When You Need Help on a Path, Road or Task.
Don't Hestiate, Don't be Affraid to Ask."
Don't Give up and Don't be Dumb,
Wave Your Arms Around, Help is Always Someone.
When your in a Slump and You need that Jump..
If You Don't have the Money,
And You Don't have the Gas..
Don't Just Sit There, Get up off Your Ass."
Don't Assume Nobody will Help, And Nobody Will Care,
Just so You Know, We've all Been There."

The Mask

I stumbled into a Bar on Main,
I was looking to get reckless,
When Suddenly I realised,
An Angel also Came..
She Looked at me,
When the Bar Turned Black
She Smiled at me,
And She called me Sir,
She said May I Ask..
I Just Nodded my head,
She asked "What's with the mask?"
Now I shrugged my Shoulder's,
And I drew out my Flask..
I said "Baby What do you mean?
I'm Not wearing No Mask!"

then She Looked down at me and Said..
"Are You here for the Beer?"
"Are You here because You're Lost?"
"Are You here because You're Bad?"
"Are You here for the Lust?
Because You've Given up on Faith, Love or Trust?"
If You feel that's the reason You're Here,
Then I'm Sorry Sir, Drink You're Beer,
But if You're Not wearing a Mask..
Sir Why are you Here?"

A Week rolled on by,
I looked into a Mirror,
And asked Myself "Who am I?
And Am I Living a Lie.."
Below the Stage of a Gentlemen's Club out of Town,
I stared into a Young Girl's Eyes
As She was looking down.
As I looked up, I Smiled at Her,
And I Said "Okay I gotta ask..

What's with the Mask?"..
"Are You here for the Tips?
"Are You here for some kids or a grocery List?"
"Are you here because You're Scared?"
"Are You here for the lust?"
Because You've given up on faith, love or trust?"
If You feel that' the reason You're Here.
Then Cheers, I gotta Buck right here.
But if You're not wearing a mask,
Mam, Why are you Here?"

Nobody should allow an apple to rot,
An Angel can show you the Goodness You got,
Even if you hide behind a mask,
You Can still get Caught.
Something's don't match,
Something's just Clash,
If You're Wearing One,
You Can't run..
Sometime, Somehow,
Somebody may ask..
and Hopefully Someday,
You Remove that Mask.

Moving Forward

Sometimes you gotta sit down and
Take a look at that map,
Realise Where you're Going..
And Where you're At.
If Theres Somewhere you wanna be,
Never Say You Can't..

That's Why I say, Yes When I Can,
Maybe When I might,
And No, When It's not a Problem..

Take a Little Chance,
You Wear the Pants
Take a Little Risk,
You Can't alway's Miss,
Do what you Can,
Follow through on that Plan,
You are the Man!"

And Alway's Say, Yes When You Can,
Maybe When You might,
And No, When it's Not a Problem..

Don't Be Affraid to Fail,
As Long You Don't Go Backword's
You're alway's on a Trail,
Anybody may Fail Epically,
Anybody may Laugh Hysterically,
But I refuse to lose with the
hand that I've been Delt,
I may Cry, but I Don't Melt,
This is Where I'm Going,
This is Where I'm at,
If You Can Accept what I Can Give,
I Can Give You That."

Don't Let You're Baby Cry

When She Look's Like She is Leavin'
You Don't Stop to feel the Cold of the Water,
You Hold You're Breath, You Can Close You're Eye's,
But You Start Leapin!"

Don't Let You're Baby Cry..
Love is Eye to Eye,
Her Pain is You're Pain,
You're Gain is You're Shame,
When She get's hurt,
You Both Feel the Same."
So Now You Know Why,.
Don't Let You're Baby Cry..

When She Start's Screamin'
You Start Leapin..
When She Start's Sleepin'
You Both start Dreamin."

I wish it would have been a Dragon

She Sprung up from this here chair,
She Shouted Kill it, And I said What and Where?"
Now I ran Around this here House,
Like a Cat Chasin' a Mouse,
And When that Wasp was finally Dead,
She Looked up at me and Said,
I'm Sorry, I just hate Bugs with Wings,
Little Critters and Eight Legged things,
I Smiled and I Said I Don't Care,
"Where I Have to Look or What I have to Find..
I Like Savin' You, And I Would do it Anytime,
Baby I Don't Mind,
Baby I Ain't Braggin'
I Just Wish it would have
Been a Dragon."

Because if it where a Dragon,
From You I was Savin'
There'd be Fire, There'd be Ash,
And There'd be Smoke,
I'd have a Sword not a Broom,
And my Shield might get Broke.
Yes I'd Fight till my Doom
And You Would See What I Would do,
Just to Rescue You..
Because If it where a Dragon I was Slayin'
I Would Look more Amazin'
Because If it Where a Dragon,
For You, I'd still Die Savin'