Thursday, March 31, 2011

You are You

You man can accomplish anything you set out do,
And the only man who can stand in front of that plan is you..
Don't Let anybody tell you what you can and cannot do,
Don't Let anybody deffine you,
Nobody knows you, better then you.."

One Man is never all men,
Pay no mind to there papers,
Pay no mind to there pen,
Someday Somebody may say Something,
But all that really matters is what you already know,
So Somebody's Something becomes Nobody's Nothing."
Pay no mind to what people say,
You can have Nothing, with no way,
And a Way will be made..
Just Keep you're head held high,
And you're worries will surely fade,
You Write you're own life,
And You Make you're own parade.
If You're Dream's haven't faded,
You're Purpose in life is Something you have
or haven't yet Painted..

Talk is talk, Don't let bad breath and pointed fingers
Block you're Walk, Don't let somebody's talk,
Make you stop, You are the hands of You're own Clock.
Don't let there lies become you,
You are You, And Nobody knows you,
Better then YOU!"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's take out the Boat

I recieved her text,
She said "It's Almost summer,
So you know what's coming next...
"Let's take out the Boat.."

Let's take out the Boat,
Go Out to the middle of the Lake,
Turn up the Music real loud and just sit there and Float,
or Pull me behind the tube and rock me around like a rubix cube,..
Let's Reach way down in an ice cold cooler and see what comes out,
Let's take out the Boat.

I Can't wait to get out of this shade and out to that sun,
Bust out the tune's, Blow it up and have some fun..
I got my noodle and I'm ready to float my worries away,
So hurry up baby, We don't have all day..
Thumbs down means slow,
Thumbs up means fast,
But don't be scared,
We all end up fallin' on our ass.

Get that man a life jacket,
When he get's up on that board,
I'm gonna let him have it..
Tell him to Hold on to his head,
Because just like my beer,
I'm gonna crack it!"
Thumbs down means slow,
Thumbs up means fast,
I can't wait,.. We'll have a Blast.
The Boat will be shakin'
By the Waves I'll be makin'
Let's take out the boat,
..That's all she wrote!"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top of the Shelf

I stored my heart at the top of the shelf..
I just found out I don't need it right now,
Because I plan on bein' great all by myself,
I don't need to feel good about me with nobody else.
I don't need no woman and I don't need no greed,
To me I got everything right now, So what more do I need?"

I got my own sickness, and I got my own health..
I Care for my friends and family for they are my wealth.
I don't need no heartache and I don't need no pain,
I don't need no ball and I don't need no chain,
I'm not hatin on you woman, I just can't stand the game,
I just need to feel the same way I felt, before you came.."

"I stored my heart at the top of the shelf..
Right now I don't need it for I don't feel alone,
I don't need it, I plan on bein' great all on my own."
I stored my heart at the top of the shelf,
I don't need nobody, nobody else..
Someday I may just take it down,
But until then I'll just keep on Lovin' myself,
Until then.. I'll keep Lovin' myself."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Become a Man

You Can't always stay a Peter Pan,..
You Can't always stay in Neverland,
You Can't spend you're day's flyin' away
Or Expecting that Mary will always' stay and play,
Everybody's gotta grow up and be a Man someday."

You Can't stay beside a shadow that you can't always find,
And You Can't turn back the clock or stop the time,
But if you Look Beyond the message of a book,
You'll find there's more to life then just fightin' a man
who's got a hand for a hook, yeah."

Yeah I know right now you may think it is fun,
And you may just think that when you grow up
those day's will be done,
But What if Someday Mary no longer takes you're hand,
Sayin' "I'm Sorry Peter for with you I can't come,"
For You stayed a boy and I'm a woman,
And I'm Sorry Peter, I've found Someone.."

And then you're left with only a happy thought,
And Someday you'll realise it's not what you think that you want,
that you really want,.. it was alway's something else..
and then you lose you're only shot.. so you better be sure if stayin' a
boy forever, is something.. that you really want."

That's why you Can't alway's stay in Neverland..
That's why you Can't alway's stay a Peter Pan,
Someday you must,.. become a man."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Look down, Look up

There's nothing more I can say or do to you,
That I haven't already said or done..
I may have to walk this time,
because I can't always run,
I can't give you the moon,
And I, can't give you the sun,
I can only give you,
what you've been givin' me."

I just sucks that I have to go through,
What you were once affraid of what I would do, to you."
I don't like re-lookin' for something
that I, thought I already found,
I don't like headin' for somewhere
just to realize that I, have to turn around.
But I won't ever be able to bring myself back up,
If I don't learn nothing from lookin' down."

There's nothing more I can say or do to you,
That I haven't already said or done.
I may have to walk this time,
Because now I know, that I can't always run,
I couldn't give you the moon,
and I, couldn't give you the sun.
I could only give you me,
As long as you could give me you,
For I could only give you me,
As long as you gave me you too."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This Too shall Pass

I know it Hurt's, It Hurt's like Hell..
I've been there as well,
And I Can tell you it does get better,
And that we all just want you Back..
I Could tell you about a time before I met you're mom,
Heartbreak and a Woman almost got me parked on a Railroad Track,
I Once thought like you, I thought nothing could ever bring me back.
So I know what You're going through..
But I thank God Everyday for that little something I didn't do,
For I wouldn't have met you're mom..
and I Wouldn't have you!"
This Too shall pass..
Boy, Don't make me kick you're ass,
It may seem like this is the worst of the worse but it's all in you're head,
but what doesn't kill you, mean's that you aern't dead.
In time my son, this will only be the past
In time, This Too shall pass.."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women Like You

I'm still her sunshine, I'm still the one she call's "mine",
She Knows I love her so I don't tell her all of the time,
She still hangs up all my pictures on the fridge for all to see,
It's Mother's Like you that Bring out the Kid in me,
If not for mother's like you, I wouldn't be the man I be,
I Wouldn't be this man you all see.."

She'd take my toys, and I'd yell "Give me it Back,that's mine!"
We'd fight and argue, but we'd make up all of the time,
And now that we've grown, I've alway's got her back
and she's alway's got mine..
It's Sister's like you that bring out the Big Brother in me,
It's Sister's like you, that make me.. the man I be,
the man you all see.."

And now,.. I found a Woman that I hold everynight and I call mine,
I promised the Lord I would Love her for all time,
She holds my hand and I smile in the park for all to see,
And it's Women like you that Bring out the Man in me,
It's Women like you that make me the man, the man I am, for all to see."