Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keeps Me Warm

I Don't Remeber the Shape of Her Face,
The Curve of Her Body, the Feel of Her Skin,
The Color of her Eyes, the Length of her Hair,
But I Don't Care, I Remember the size of her Heart.."

She Could have Been a Beauty, She Could Have Been a Cutie,
And She Could have Been Lookin' at me all Flirty,
But I was too Young, and Blind, and to Dumb, too Know.
That I Shouldn't have ever, Let a Girl like that Get up and Go."

It's my Shoes, that Keep Me Walkin.'
It'a a Women like that, that Keep's me Wantin."
It's Our Story, that Keep's us Talkin."
But it's Your Heart that Keep's me Warm."

Knuckle Smart

Hot Sun Anger Red, Winter Wolf in Bed,
And Didn't want to sell his Arrow Head,
Buffalo No-No, Get in your Boat and Row-Row,
Not too Fast But Strong and Slow,Toss Your Gun,
Conceal Your Knife,Buy a Pitcher,
Live Your Life, Native Pride, I'm Alive."

Bend a Bow, Kill a Crow, Never Ask,
You'll Never Know. Pickin' Corns, Ridin' Horns,
Dnace a fire, Find a Buyer, hit for hire.
Need a Dollar, Make Him Pay,Get a Girl,
Let Her Play, Roll a Dice, Dig up Clay,
Throw him in, Escape the Pin, Never Sin,
Crack Your Back, Hawk Your Chin,
You'll have to Lose to get a Win."

Friday, December 4, 2009

Let's Just Drink

I Don't Care if your Usually a Nice Guy,
I'll tell you what, Some sh*t Don't Fly,
I Don't Care How Big or Bad Your Boys Are,
Or How Loud the muffler is to your Lousy Car,
Because Your Homies are All in my Hometown Bar,
I Don't Care if You Work Out Everyday,
I'll Just Laugh Harder when I Lay You Out Anyway..

Nothing You Can Say Can Scare me at All,
I Don't Care if if Your Biff to Mcfly Feet Tall,
So Just Keep Giving me that Mad Glare Stare,
I'll Still Take on All of You Fella's if you All Double Dare,
So You Can Keep Slammin' that Door,
Or Listen to Yourself Hollar and Roar some more,
You Can Even End up Moppin' me all Across this Floor..

Because You think I'm Weak, and that's You Flaw,
You've Never met a Man Higher then the Law,
You Think I'm Soft, But You Still Haven't Seen me
Without my shirt torn off. But I Don't Want to Fight,
I Just Want to Call it a Night, So Are You Done?
Sit Back Down, and I'll Buy You One."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frozen Heart Love

"A Boy Went Out Walkin, He Started Warm, then Went into the Storm,
Soon he Had Chapped Lips and Frozen Eye Lids with Rock Hard Mittens,
Flooded Pancake Ice Balls were Packed Smacked Between his Boots,.
Every Step Numbed his Face, But His Heart is What Guided him to the Place!"

He'd Leave Alone his Runny Nose, And When He'd Think the Wind was Dying,.
the Harder it Blows, The Caring For his Looks is Slowly Fading,
It's too Late to Turn Around, But it Might be Time for Him to go Down.

His Perfect Straight Smile White Pearly Teeth Look Rotten to the Snow.
His Wet Slickened Down Hair Turns Hardend to the Blow.
His Fingers Form to Frost, But He Don't Care,
He Will Get to Where He's Going at any Cost!"

His Face Feels Cold as Blue, But for Who? It Looks Blistering Red to the Eye,.
And Wind-Forced Tear's make it Look Like a Cry, His Breathing In and Out is
Beginning to Hurt, For What? A Flirt... All He Does is Continue to Walk,
And Yell Out at the Lord, Like He's Right there to Talk, Everything He See's is White,
But He Know's the Way is Right, Will he Make it? Who Knows? He Just Might..
And Does He Have to Go? No, Is He Young? Is He Dumb? No, He's Just a Boy, And He's in Love."

Angel Fly Away

You Remind Me of a Women I Never Knew,
Every Passing Day My Love for her just Grew,
But One Day, the Woman Left this Earth and Flew,
She Was a Dream to Everyone,
She Was So much Fun, And Her Bright Blonde Hair
Matched that of the Sun. Her Hair Curled Like Clouds,
But Now Can Only Be Seen in Pictures and in Shrowds."
I Never Held Her Hand, But I Did Grab Her Waste.
I Found Myself Stuck Staring at Her Face,
Was it She or Me that was taken to a Better Place?"
I Didn't Know her that Long, And If I Had,
I Don't know if My Heart would be as Strong,
I Can't Deny, I Still Did Cry, I Regret Not Saying..
Goodbye, But I sure am Glad that I Got to say "HI."
Now that I've Said, What I Wanted to Say,
Go Ahead Angel and Fly Away."

Don't Turn Away

"Sit Beside Me for the While,
Look into my eyes to make me Smile,
Don't Be Affraid of Moving too Fast,
Take my Hand and Make the Moment Last,
Stand to See, Dance with Me,
Please Say..
it's Okay,Take my Hand, Come with May,..
So I Can Turn Another Monday
into a Day of Play."

"Don't Say Goodbye Unless your Leaving,
Don't Say Goodnight Unless Your Sleeping,
I Will not Follow if You are Not Leading,
I Will not Love You if You are Not Needing,
Always On Your Word You Follow Through,
If You Love Me, Prove to Me that You Do,
I Think I'm Already Fallen For You..
Can You Feel it too? Can You Lay, Can You Stay,.
So I Can Turn Another
Hard Working Job..
into a Holy Day."

"It's Okay to Worry, it's Okay to be
Under so Much Stress,
Atleast I Know Your Not a Mess,
Your Not a Nickel, Your a Dime,
You Already Know this,
Because I tell You all of the Time,
I've Never Felt or Fell this Way,
So Don't Go Away, We Can Play,
So I Can Turn Your Goodbye
into a Stay."