Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keeps Me Warm

I Don't Remeber the Shape of Her Face,
The Curve of Her Body, the Feel of Her Skin,
The Color of her Eyes, the Length of her Hair,
But I Don't Care, I Remember the size of her Heart.."

She Could have Been a Beauty, She Could Have Been a Cutie,
And She Could have Been Lookin' at me all Flirty,
But I was too Young, and Blind, and to Dumb, too Know.
That I Shouldn't have ever, Let a Girl like that Get up and Go."

It's my Shoes, that Keep Me Walkin.'
It'a a Women like that, that Keep's me Wantin."
It's Our Story, that Keep's us Talkin."
But it's Your Heart that Keep's me Warm."

Knuckle Smart

Hot Sun Anger Red, Winter Wolf in Bed,
And Didn't want to sell his Arrow Head,
Buffalo No-No, Get in your Boat and Row-Row,
Not too Fast But Strong and Slow,Toss Your Gun,
Conceal Your Knife,Buy a Pitcher,
Live Your Life, Native Pride, I'm Alive."

Bend a Bow, Kill a Crow, Never Ask,
You'll Never Know. Pickin' Corns, Ridin' Horns,
Dnace a fire, Find a Buyer, hit for hire.
Need a Dollar, Make Him Pay,Get a Girl,
Let Her Play, Roll a Dice, Dig up Clay,
Throw him in, Escape the Pin, Never Sin,
Crack Your Back, Hawk Your Chin,
You'll have to Lose to get a Win."

Friday, December 4, 2009

Let's Just Drink

I Don't Care if your Usually a Nice Guy,
I'll tell you what, Some sh*t Don't Fly,
I Don't Care How Big or Bad Your Boys Are,
Or How Loud the muffler is to your Lousy Car,
Because Your Homies are All in my Hometown Bar,
I Don't Care if You Work Out Everyday,
I'll Just Laugh Harder when I Lay You Out Anyway..

Nothing You Can Say Can Scare me at All,
I Don't Care if if Your Biff to Mcfly Feet Tall,
So Just Keep Giving me that Mad Glare Stare,
I'll Still Take on All of You Fella's if you All Double Dare,
So You Can Keep Slammin' that Door,
Or Listen to Yourself Hollar and Roar some more,
You Can Even End up Moppin' me all Across this Floor..

Because You think I'm Weak, and that's You Flaw,
You've Never met a Man Higher then the Law,
You Think I'm Soft, But You Still Haven't Seen me
Without my shirt torn off. But I Don't Want to Fight,
I Just Want to Call it a Night, So Are You Done?
Sit Back Down, and I'll Buy You One."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frozen Heart Love

"A Boy Went Out Walkin, He Started Warm, then Went into the Storm,
Soon he Had Chapped Lips and Frozen Eye Lids with Rock Hard Mittens,
Flooded Pancake Ice Balls were Packed Smacked Between his Boots,.
Every Step Numbed his Face, But His Heart is What Guided him to the Place!"

He'd Leave Alone his Runny Nose, And When He'd Think the Wind was Dying,.
the Harder it Blows, The Caring For his Looks is Slowly Fading,
It's too Late to Turn Around, But it Might be Time for Him to go Down.

His Perfect Straight Smile White Pearly Teeth Look Rotten to the Snow.
His Wet Slickened Down Hair Turns Hardend to the Blow.
His Fingers Form to Frost, But He Don't Care,
He Will Get to Where He's Going at any Cost!"

His Face Feels Cold as Blue, But for Who? It Looks Blistering Red to the Eye,.
And Wind-Forced Tear's make it Look Like a Cry, His Breathing In and Out is
Beginning to Hurt, For What? A Flirt... All He Does is Continue to Walk,
And Yell Out at the Lord, Like He's Right there to Talk, Everything He See's is White,
But He Know's the Way is Right, Will he Make it? Who Knows? He Just Might..
And Does He Have to Go? No, Is He Young? Is He Dumb? No, He's Just a Boy, And He's in Love."

Angel Fly Away

You Remind Me of a Women I Never Knew,
Every Passing Day My Love for her just Grew,
But One Day, the Woman Left this Earth and Flew,
She Was a Dream to Everyone,
She Was So much Fun, And Her Bright Blonde Hair
Matched that of the Sun. Her Hair Curled Like Clouds,
But Now Can Only Be Seen in Pictures and in Shrowds."
I Never Held Her Hand, But I Did Grab Her Waste.
I Found Myself Stuck Staring at Her Face,
Was it She or Me that was taken to a Better Place?"
I Didn't Know her that Long, And If I Had,
I Don't know if My Heart would be as Strong,
I Can't Deny, I Still Did Cry, I Regret Not Saying..
Goodbye, But I sure am Glad that I Got to say "HI."
Now that I've Said, What I Wanted to Say,
Go Ahead Angel and Fly Away."

Don't Turn Away

"Sit Beside Me for the While,
Look into my eyes to make me Smile,
Don't Be Affraid of Moving too Fast,
Take my Hand and Make the Moment Last,
Stand to See, Dance with Me,
Please Say..
it's Okay,Take my Hand, Come with May,..
So I Can Turn Another Monday
into a Day of Play."

"Don't Say Goodbye Unless your Leaving,
Don't Say Goodnight Unless Your Sleeping,
I Will not Follow if You are Not Leading,
I Will not Love You if You are Not Needing,
Always On Your Word You Follow Through,
If You Love Me, Prove to Me that You Do,
I Think I'm Already Fallen For You..
Can You Feel it too? Can You Lay, Can You Stay,.
So I Can Turn Another
Hard Working Job..
into a Holy Day."

"It's Okay to Worry, it's Okay to be
Under so Much Stress,
Atleast I Know Your Not a Mess,
Your Not a Nickel, Your a Dime,
You Already Know this,
Because I tell You all of the Time,
I've Never Felt or Fell this Way,
So Don't Go Away, We Can Play,
So I Can Turn Your Goodbye
into a Stay."

Monday, November 30, 2009

What a Man Does

I hope you Understand. I'm a Man With a Plan,
So C'mon my Love and Hold my Hand."
I Will Build Our Home. You Can Grow a Garden.
And You Will Never Be Alone, I Will Break a Rock,
And You Will Wear a Stone, I Will Roll the Kart,
And You Will Pick the Food, But You Don't Have to Cook,
I Can Do that Too.If I'm Under the Same Sheet,
I Can Rub Your Feet.If Your Feeling into Deep,
You Can Rest Your Eyes Or You Can Go to Sleep.
I Will Continue Strong, If Your Love is Looking Weak,
We Can Take a Break, I Will Keep You Warm
in the Coldest of the Lake,And I Can Get Away with it,
Just Because, that's what a Man Does.."

I Will Fish for Bass, You Can Fog up Glass..
I Will Ring Your Hair, if You Will Raise my Mass.
We Never have to Fight, If I agree your Always Right.
We Can Stay at Home or We Can Go All Night.
I Can Make the Coffee, You Can Poor a Cup.
I'll Still Love You Without the Makeup.
I'll Tie a Tie around my neck or go Outside
till my Skin Turns Red When I Paint that Deck."
But What Do You Expect, I'm Your Armor to Protect.
Because I Am Just A Man and this is What he Does.."
I'm Your Man, and Everything I do,
is all for Women such as You!"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Skippable Rock

Some Might Be Solid, they all Come in many Shape's and Size's.
But Every Single One of them was made to be Unique,
The Color Might Catch you Eye, Anyone of them can Fly
But You Best Believe any Set can Jet Across with a Toss,
Some are like a Saucer, Don't make that Mistake,
Because Each and Everyone of them has the Potential to be Great.
To Skip and Make You Smile, Through any Old Yellow Lake,
Any Rock is Skippable, Anyone of them can be Beauitiful
Any Object or a Thing Can be Compared to a She,
This Object that is Mine, I've Loved her for all Time,
If I Love her Splash, I Say that's my Favorite Sound,
If You Find a Favorite that You Seek, Don't Worry you can Keep.
If Not for You, You can Always Turn Back Around
And Continue Lookin' Down, Keep Your Eye's on the Ground
Until the Right One for Who, is You is Found."

Independent Woman

He's Got You Tied to His Tree,
And You Forgive him When He Untie's You Free,
That's Not a Good Reason to Do What he will Do,
Don't Allow Someone to Step All Over You.
You Should be the One to Flee,
But You Shouldn't Be So Blind To See,
Even if He Soon Admit's He was Wrong,
That's No Reason for you Two too Continue on,.
Don't go Along, If You Know He Doesn't Belong,
A Women Can Alway's be Equally or more so Strong,
He Will Call and Cry Through the Phone,
And Lighten his Tone, Next Time You Two are Alone,
He Might think it's all Okay at the End of the Day,
But it's You, Who always has the Final Say,
He Will Look into Youe Eyes, to Apologise for Lies,
There Might Be a Million Fish in the Sea,
But There's always a Fishermen fishing like me,
Just Beacause he's Really Good at Something,
Doesn't Mean He's Not a Good for Nothing,
But Don't take this Asshole Attraction to Shock,
A Good Boy Can go Bad to Get a Woman to Talk,
Don't Be the One Who Should Have Ran,
Never Be Affraid of Losing One Man,
A Beauty Such as You Shouldn't Allow this shit to Stand!"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Go-Far Man

He Remains Always Happy and he Will Sweep You Off Your Feet,
His Mood Always Stays so UpBeat,
He Will Never Admit Defeat, And When He's Talking,
He Will Have You Smilin' in Your Seat,
He Will Always Remember Your Name, Everytime You Meet and Greet.
His Pitch is Never the Same.
He Always Changes his Game, He's Not a Player,
But He Bring's Shy Wandering Lonely Eye's to Shame.
He's the Man You Want to Choose,
Because He Will Never Tell You How To Lose,
His Presence never Goes Unseen.
His Clothes are all Dirt Cheap and His Hair is Always Cut and Clean.
He Will Think Big And Want to Go Green.
You'd Think He had Symbol on his Chest with a Giant "S"
He Won't Settle for Second Best, He Looks to Sky's and never lies.
He Will Listen, But that's a Given."
Dances to Love Shack, For What You Lack,
This Man Will Always Have Your Back."
He Back's Up his Points, and Show's You the Fact's,
Let's Get Back to Brass Tasks, He will Meet You in Joints,
Put's Romance in His Dance, And Will Give Any One a Second Chance,
Skip's Down the Hall,He's the One You Want to Call,
When You think You've Heard it All.
He's Sometimes Early, But He's Never Late."
But What You Think Most of Him that is Great,
Is How You Look at Him, And Wish You Could Relate."
The Go-Far Man, Does the Best He Can.
So, How Do I Know all of this?
Because that's Just Who I Am."

Our Song

Soon I Might Have to Live Alone, I'm Driving Across the Sunset Strip,
Leaving the Place I used to Call Home, Listening to the Radio.
I Compare this Singer's Song to my Own Life which is really Going On."
I Got Some Money, But it's Just Enough for us to Live.
It Might Sound Greedy, But it's True, I Just Can't afford a Love Like You.
I Wish there was Something, Something I Could Do."
To Keep on Livin' with a Girl Like You, i Want to Make You Happy
I Want make you the Best, Because the Best You Will One Day Be."
I Only Wish it Would be with me."
I Know You Got to Start down here, To Look up there,
I Got a Job, I Know People, But I Don't Want You to Go,
I Got You Girl, But What I Do Not Know, is For How Long,
So That's Why I Cry, Everytime I Hear this Song."

I'm Sitting at Home Alone, My Boy Left Out On a Trip
I Wish He Would Walk Back in, And we Could Start Again,
My Favorite Song is on the Tv, it Reminds me of the Boy I Knew,
I Wish He Could See, I Don't Care about the Money,
I Only Care that he Love's Me, He Might Not think it's True,
I Want to be the One for You, I'd Be So Happy, if He'd Stay
I've Never Wanted Nothing More, then for Him to Walk Back
in thru that Door.I Just Wish I, Wasn't the Reason..
He Won't Stop Fighting For, We Got to Start Right Here,
And then We'll Make it Out There. You Were the Only One,
Who Had a Chance, When You Asked me To Dance,
So I Would Never Leave, So Don't Ever Think I Will,
You Can't Ever Do me Wrong and that's Why this is, My Favorite Song."

I'm Sorry, I Can't Give You What You Want, I Am All I Got.And That's Okay, I Don't Need all of that anyway, Cause You What I Want."
I Want to Buy You Alot of Pretty Things, Like Diamonds and Rings.
Who Need's Those?.. There Just Things."
I Want to Take You to a Special Place.
Why? When I Can Just Look at Your Face."
I Want to Make Your Dreams Come True.
Then Just Give Me You."
I Want You to Know, that I Care."
I Already Know You Do...
All I Want From You is You to Continue, the Love that we Share."

So I just Sit Home and Just Stay Strong,
Hoping My Boy Ain't Gone.
I Hope that's Him Opening the Door..
It's Our Song."

Monday, November 9, 2009


Like an Unwanted Hunter Hiding His Kill in the Ditch
Like a Salesman Using his Everyday Pitch,
Like a Server Sticking Around to Make Her Hourly Wage
Like a Lion Felt like Being Locked in a Cage,
To a Person Driving with Only One Headlight On
To Somebody Going up on stage to Sing a Song,
To a Grandma Who Bakes the Best Bannana Bread
From Momma Who Won't Be Happy Until Your Fed,
From a Bride Who's Steals Your Pride
To a Son Who Won't Leave Your Side,
Like a Player Who Can Never Change his Game,
From a Loser who bows his head in Shame
To a Drifer who has to Lie about Changing his Name,
From a Highschool Drop-Out due to a Pregnancy Test.
To An Old Wise Veteran Who Earned his Rest,
To a Lady fighting a Cancerous Disease,
To a Priest wanting Peace,
To a Child Saying Yes more Please.
To a Cop who started the Crime,
From an innocent still doing time.
To a Gambler who will try to win at any Cost
From a Co-Worker who's Sick of Being Bossed,
To a Best Friend Who was Double Crossed.
To a Beauitful hair Honey Who Feels the Need for Bleach,
To a Baby Who Can Bearly Reach,
To a Surfer Who's Waiting for a Wave,
From a Profit Who's expected to Save.
This is the Land of the Brave."

Mrs. Right

Im Starting to Get Sick of these Different Girls Week after Week.
And the Other One's in Between, that I have to Sneak.
I Hate Braggin' to my Buddies about a One Night Stand,
And Listen to them Tell me that "I'm the Man."
It Was First All In Fun, But Now I Really Want to Find the One.
The One Who Can Make All these Chasing Days Done.
Someone I Can Finally Find that I Can Call Mine,
In the End Be Worth All of the Wasted Time.
I Will Keep Searching, Because I Know if A Mr. Right is Lurking,
Then by Chance Maybe this Mister, Has a Sister.
I Promise Myself I'll turn my Life Around, When Lady Right is Found."

Soon I Want Young Ones, Playing Dolls or Shooting Guns,
Take them Out to Eat Burgers at a Bar, Take Home Fries in a Styrofone Box,
Only to Leave them Cold in the Car, Grab a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cone
So They Can Fall asleep on Our Way Back From the Lake Home,
And they can sit in the Back Seat as they Dangle there Feet,
As I turn my Head Right, Me and my Lady's Eyes Will Meet,
The House Will Always Be a Mess, Collect Photo's of my New Life,
Lay in My Bed and Watch my Lady Undress, Except this Lady's my Wife,
After We Blow Off Stress, I'll Smile, Because I Found Happyness.
And I Will Hold Her Tight Through Out Out the Night,..
Hopefully All this Will Happen.. When I Find Mrs. Right.."

Late Angel, Early Devil

I Got a Handful of Problems,
But Who Doesn't?
Yes I Sin,
I Sin Every Now and Then,
Doctor Says,..
"I Have to Pop These Pills,
Again and Again,"
But Hopefully Not Forever
I Fight About it With my Father,
But We Both Try to Get along,
Because We Both Need One Another.
If You Need Some Help,
I'll Offer You What I Can,
Don't Thank Me,
Because That's Just Who I Am,
I'll Try to Re-Arrange,
But I Will Never Change,
You Might Look at Me
And Only See Another Pretty Face
But What You Might Not Know,
Is What I Don't Show,
You Wouldn't Want Me,
If You Only Want What You See,
It's Best You Just Move Along,
I'm Not What You Seek,
In The End I'll Do You Wrong,
So Just Turn A Cheek,
But You Can Still Have a Chair,
Everybody Knows me Here,
I'm Not Saying I'm a Star
Maybe Only At My Favorite Bar,
So People Talk, Just Let them Talk, Because it's Only Talk,
If You See Tears Fall from my Chin,
Don't Ask, Because I Don't Want to Bring You in,
We Just met to Late, Not on Time,
If I see You When I'm more Braver,.
Hopefully I Can Laugh about this Later."
Here's a Tip, Try not to Forget,
Because I Care, Here's the Spill..
If you Don't Like Yourself,
Nobody Will."

Scarecrow Baby

"I'm Pretty Hardcore, When I Roll that Toilet Paper to the Floor,
And How I Holler and Scream When I Pound on the Door,
I'll Tangle up your Slinky and Whip Out my Binky,
What's Yours is Mine and What's Mine is Also Mine, Pull on Your Hair,
I Don't Care about the word Share, And I'll Write on the Wall,
When You ain't there, I Will Fill up my Booty with Poopie,
And I'll Leave it All, Just For You, to Do!"

If Your Under Less Stress, I'll Make a Mess,
If You Think it Can't Get Any Worse, Your Not the Only One
Who Can Poor Out Your Purse, I'll Clog up the Drain,
Make You Go insane, but You Can't Complain Cause I Got Only
Half a Brain, I'll Leave Food on my Chin, And I Always Win,
Don't Play Dumb Around Me, Or You Will See,
How Bad this Baby Can Be!"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Secure Lure

His Confidence is Growing, and Your Questions Keep Flowing,
He's a Mystery Man, the One you Don't Quite Understand,
the One you Can't Quite Figure Out, But Want to Find Out What's He's All About.
He's a Mystery Man, You Would Very Much Like to Know, But He Doesn't Show,
You Don't Know his Past and When You Ask, He Looks the Other Way Fast,
He'a a Mystery Man, You Wonder How He Does the thing's he does,
He Can Lay You any Line on Time, and the Further that You Climb,
He Won't Show You a Sign, You Can't See Through His Eye's Like Other Guy's.
There's Something about him that make's him not like all the same,
He Brings all the Other Little Predictable Boy's to Shame,
He's a Mystery Man, Is that Even his Real Name?
Persuasive and Embrassive, Suspuspicous Yet Delicious,
Your Always Interested in What He Has To Say, But Who is he anyway? Could he be Gay?
He Might Not Dress to Impress, You Listen More When He Tells You Less,
But He Doesn't Confess Like all The Rest, You Don't Fear Of what You Might be Preapared
to Hear, But it Doen't Matter what he whisper's in Your Ear, He Won't Tell You Dear,
He Never Let's Up More then He Has Too. And that Intrigues You,
Oh Mystery Man, How Do you Do the Thing's You Do?
He Could Just Say Goodbye, Or Wear a Suit And a Tie, Or Never ever have to Try,
Make You Believe maybe people Can Fly, Without Telling a Lie,..
And You Would Just Want to Know Why? Who is This Guy? He's a Mystery, Who is He?
He's a Mystery Man."

Cancer Sadness

Someday I Will Be Going Way.. And I Can't Come Back,
But Don't Think I Don't Know, That You Don't Want Me to Go When I Do,
Don't Look so Sad, And Don't Get Mad Later, You Were my Best Friend,
The Best I Ever Had, But It's Not Late For You, Too Start a New,
I Hope Someday You Find Someone, Who Can Make You Happy,Your Still Young,
Live Your Life and Have Some Fun, Don't Cry for Me, I Once had it All,
I Just Couldn't See, You Brought Out the Best in Me,
Don't Be Shy, Sit and Wonder Why? Never Lie, Live Everyday Like Your Gonna Die,
Nobody in the World is Better, Better then You,
To the World You Are Only One, But to One, You are the World.
Don't Be Affraid to Fall or Fail, If You Believe, You Will Achieve,
I'm Sorry But One Day I will Have to Leave.. I'm Sorry When I was Tuff,
Just Because I Had it Ruff, Stay on Your Feet, Listen and Repeat,
If You Never Ask, You'll Never Learn, If You Never Fail, You'll Never Earn,
My Time is Almost Up, So Now it's Your Turn, I mIght have Gave you that Line,
Almost all of the Time, And When You Thought You Had Enough,
I Showed You How to Love.. But Can You Stay Strong? And Stilly Carry-On,
When I'm Gone, I Know it's a Sad Song, But What's Worse, is that it's Mine,
It Might Get Better in Time, All I Know is I'm Not Ready to Go, But it's Not my Call,
I'll Miss You All, My Speech is Getting slower.. My Eyes are Getting Lower,
This is Not me Getting Older, But Your Voice is starting to Fade Away,
As I Lay and Watch You Prey, I Hope You Can Come See me Again Someday."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heaven Sent

Maybe Somebody Out There Did Intend Are Beginning to Our End,
For That, They Gave Me You, My Angel, That God Did Send."
Both Are Destinies Were Written, That's What I am Thinkin,
Just Give it a Moment to Sink in, We Both Followed the Goal to Win,
You Can't Take a Look, But You Might Be the Best Chapter in my Book,
My Book of Life, It was God's Plans, And Meeting You Was Fate in His Hands.
So Baby, Can't You See, that Just Maybe, You and Me Were Meant to Be."

Destiny Was Calling Me, Since I Was Three, Until I Turned into the Man,
That I was Meant to Be, Even Though We Were Born Apart,
Raised From a Different Start, It Was God's Design,
That I Would Find a Key to Your Heart And Make You Mine.
Like a Legend, Like a Flame, Like I Was Born to Play this Game,
It Might Sound Crazy, Maybe a Little Insane, Or Pretty Lame,
But I Didn't Know the Meaning of Life Until You Came."

You Might Not Care, But There Was a Reason Me and You Met There,
Are Life's Will One Day Unfold, Even Though Are Story Might Not Ever Be Told.
You Might Not Believe or Never Think, But Sometimes I Look up at the Sky's and Wink.
How's Come You Look Like an Angel, And You Act Like One Too.
For If All Of What I Said is True, Then Lord I Thank You!"

Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm Your Wolfman in the Morning
And in the Daytime at Work When Things are Boring,
Not Like TeenWolf with Michael J. Fox when He's Scoring
Not Like in the Movies, If You Got them,
Then I Like' them Kooties,
Sit Next to Me and I'll Be the One to Give You a Rub,
I'll Shake My Hair When I Leave that Tub,
If You are in the Mood For Love,
I Will Peck at Your Lips Like a Turtle Dove,
If You Want More, Then Like a Bear Give My Body a Hug,.
It Will Give Me a Shove,
If You Want to Know if I Will Never Let You Go
If It's a Full Moon and You Think I'm Gonna Leave,
Pull up Your Sleeve, Give me a Bark Like a Bitch in Heat,
And I Will Howl at Your Feet and Claw at Your Sheet,
Tell me to Sit and I'll Have a Seat.
I'll Look at You Like a Puppy with a Sad Face,
If You Point at the Floor, I'll Know my Place,
I'll Wait for You to Say "Come Here.."
I Ignore that Moon, Breathe by Your Ear, And Hold You Near,
I'll Gnarl at Your Bra, and Growl at Your Blouse,
As You Walk Away I See the Nighty's I Toar."
When Your Gone I Roar for More,
For it's You I Adore, When I Scratch at Your Door..
When You Leave.. I Don't Rub Against Trees,
Cause I Don't Care if I Got Fleas,
It's Your Face I Will Kiss Lick Attack,
If You Change Your Mind About That Stick,
I'll Bring it Back!"
I'm Loyal to Your Call, Even if it Were a Ball,
I'd Lend Out My Paw,
Your my Woman, Your My Love,
and There's Nothing Else in this World
I Favor More at All."

Rodeo Roleplay

We Smile at are Friends when We have Company,
Listen to them Talk, They Sure Talk Alot,
When We Both Know What We Both Really Want,
Boy I Thought They Were Never Gonna Leave..
So I Turn On the Radio, Howdie I Hop Into the Bed
You Say "Cowboy You Want a Rodeo?" and then
There We Go!"
She Hate's Her Real Hair, But I Think Her's is Just Fine,
I Just Think it Would Look Better
With a Cowboy Hat On it Anytime,.."
I Don't Care How Far Your Underwear Shoots,
As Long As You Keep On those Cowboy Boots,
With Her Long Brown and Blue Eyes to my Surprise,
And Shaved Tan Leags Stretched to The Sky's,
Long Dark Jeans Might Conceal, But in those Mini-Skirts
I Can See and Feel Your True Sex Appeal,
As I Man My Sales and Pitch You a Deal, What a Steal?"
If You Wanna Get Down and Dirty, Bronco Buck me Honey,
I Won't Laugh at You, But if Fall, I admit that Would Be Funny,
If You Want to Dance, Take a Chance,
How Can I Give You Romance in My Stance,
If I Always Have to Pull Your Pants?"
Should I Leave my Hat On? "Cowboy You Talk to Much
Show Me Your Touch, Prove to me Your a Man,
Who Can Handle a Saddle.. Slap, Grabble and Pull,
Is What I Do, But Not to You, No, Not Unless,
You Really Want Me Too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catch Hell from my Honey

Some Guys Might Fear, That When there Down to There Last Beer,
That They Might Catch Hell From there Honey,
When They Find Out That they Blew All the Money,
On Pool Tabs, Tips and Beer, And a Lecture is One More Thing
They Don't Want To Hear From You My Dear."
But I Don't Worry or Rush Home in a Hurry,
Because What Do I Got To Lose? I'm Not in there Shoes!"
I Know I Shouldn't Be So Quick to Laugh Or Talk so Fast,
Because One Day It Will Come Back and Bite Me in the Ass."

Don't Have the Memory to Forget, Cause Soon You Will Understand,
That the Thing I'm Looking For is in My Right Hand,
So I'm not so Shady, Cause My Arm's Around You Baby.
Your My Honey, Your my Lady, it's Your Hell that Drive's Me Crazy."

When We Are All Alone, You Sure Lighten Your Tone,
But When Were in a Crowd, Your Face Turn's Red and You Get Real Loud."
I'm at the Bar and I'm all out of Money, And All my Friends Think it's Funny,
Cause they Know I'm Gonna Catch Hell From You Honey,
When I Start Driving Down That Road, And I Know I Blew Our Load,
Is it Even a Wonder Why I Don't Wanna Go Back Home?
Just When I Can't Possibly Feel Any Worse, I'm On the Outside of the Door,
And Your On the Inside to Make Me Feel it Some More."
You Shake me Like a Rock, I Say Sit Down and We Have a Talk."

She Tells Me.. "Well, You Think You Had a Bad Night?
I Hate it When We Fight, The Stress From Dropping the Kid's from School,
All My Girl's Say I'm Such a Fool for Putting Up With You.
Why Don't You Ever Ask me If I can Come Out Too?"

Don't Have the Memory to Forget, Cause Soon You Will Understand,
That the Thing I'm Looking For is in My Right Hand,
So I'm not so Shady, Cause My Arm's Around You Baby.
Your My Honey, Your my Lady, it's Your Hell that Drive's Me Crazy."

Burning Bad Memories

Burning Bad Memories Down to the Ground,
Ash Turned My Life Back Around.
When Everything is Burned,
My New Life Will Be Earned,
I Know Watching the Past Burn,
Is Not a Good Way To Learn,
But I Seem to Think it Should,
As I Pile on More Fire Wood,
Don't Worry About the Future,
Don't Worry About the Past,
Worry About the Now and How
to Make it Last."
Now That Old Highschool Joke,
And the Girl that Got My Heart Broke,
Turned into a Cloudy Roll of Dark Smoke,
That Old Highschool Flame that
I Once Wanted Back Turned into Black
Snap, Crackle and Pop,
I Can't Hear my Heart Beat,
But I Feel the Heat Beneath my Feet,
As I See an Old Ribbon,
That Once Read Seventh Place,
I Wipe the Ashfall From my Face,
That Photograph I Took With the Stripper by a Pole,
When My Life Took a Toll,
And Every Other Little Sin I Put in a Bin
Is Gonna Burn With the Coal."
My Ex-Wifes Ring is Burnin' with the Tin
And that's Just One More Thing I'm Throwin' in."
That September, I Will Always Remember,
But Any Other Bad Memory
Is Gonna Burn Down Right in Front of Me,
If You All Wanna Come,
Your All Welcome to See..
I Bow my Head in Shame,
As I Stare Down at the Flicker of the Flame."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Drive Equals Love

"It's What Encourage's You to
Fill up that Coffee Cup, Wake Up,
And Take on the Day.
It's What Inspires You to go to
Church and Sometime's Pray,
It's What Get's You Through that Door,
It's What We've All Been Fighting For!"
It's What Seperate's us Dead from Alive,
And Thrive's Us to Keep On Tryin' to Survive.
Weather it's a Lady or Not Or Something
You Just Baught, Faught, or Thought
Or it's what Make's You Thankful
For What You Already Got or Something
Worth dying For, And Your Alway's Wanting More!"

Drive Equals Love,
It's When You Don't Care How You Get There,
But Getting Up and Taking that Dare,
Is What Both Love and Drive Share."

It's Never To Late to Find Someone
Or Something to Love and To Hold and To Be
Well Worth the Wait, it's not Hope, it's Fate.
Because Honey, I Love You,
And I think You Great!"
If You Don't Like Yourself,
Nobody Will, If Your Down on it and no more Luck,
You Need Some More of it, to Bounce You Back Up!
Don't Tell me if it is Better I Never Know,
If I Find it Again, I Will Hold it and Never Let it Go!

Drive Equals Love,
It's When You Don't Care How You Get There,
But Getting Up and Taking that Dare,
Is What Both Love and Drive Share."

If You Need Someone to Kiss Your Lips
And Hold Your Chin, That's Where I Come in.
So Loving You is Not a Crime, If You
Tell Me You Love Me, I'll Reply Everytime!
I Feel As If I want to Kneel,
Just Show Me a Sign, And I'll Lay You a Line,
Then Make You Mine."

Drive Equals Love,
It's When You Don't Care How You Get There,
But Getting Up and Taking that Dare,
Is What Both Love and Drive Share."
Drive For Love,
Love For Drive,
Love was worth the Drive."

Is Lichor a Lady?

You Might Just Say that it Can't Be a Him or a He,
It's an Object, But a Very Desirable one,
it Can Make a Son or a Girl, Any Unplannable Baby,
It is Capable of Making You Fall in Love and it's Not a She,
Don't You Possibly think just Maybe, Lichor's a Lady."

When She's Gone
You Wonder What it is, You Did Wrong,
She'll Lift You Up and Make You Sing a Song,
She Can Make You Happy, Make You Cry,
Look Back at Your Life and Make You Wann Die.."

Make You Think Your Funny, But Sometime's Only need You to Give it Money,
Make You Talk about Things You Never Thought You Would,
Make You Do Things That You Never Thought You Should,
Make You Smoke a Hundred Ciggaretts in One Night,
Put You on the Best Ride, Unleash Your Spirit inside,
And Then Get Up, When You Need it Most and Leave Your Side..

Is Lichor a Lady?
When You Have a Taste of that Bottle of Whiskey,
Do You Ever Look at Her and Ask Did You Miss me?"
Did You Love that Feeling and Never Want it to Leave?"
So Only if You Believe, Lichor's a Lady.."

Did You Ever Look at a Glass of Whine, So Divine,
And Ask Yourself How Do I Ever Make it mine?
Did You Ever Rate Your Mate,
And Say that's a Perfect Ten,
Well if She isn't, And You Think the Searching is Done,
I Know of a Woman, That Can Make You Find One.."

It Might Sound a Little Crazy, But to me,
Lichor's a Lady."

Elementry Mentalist

Laugh at all the Pop Out Books,
The Staff Gives You Happy Fake Looks,
Here Comes the Bully With a Bunch of Bad Ideas,
I'm not Crazy, Just Miss the Touch of a Lady,
And I'm Not Fond of my Partner, Scary Larry,
If You Don't Have Your Nicotine, that Could Make
Any Norm, Go Mean or Go Green, Don't Scream,
Here it Comes, Some more Happy People with Pills,
Don't Spill, Take this Pill to Have a Chill, and Then,
When You Get Home, Deal With Your Health Care Bill,
Smile Small, And they Won't Think Anything's Wrong at All,
Smile Wide, And It's Your Med's that they Will Divide,
Don't Tell them About the Ghost, They'll Put You on a Higher Dose,
I Got a Drower with my Name on it and More,
Put Your Right Foot in Front of You, Don't Do What You Wanna Do,
Listen to there Baby Talk, Paint a Little Pretty Rock,
Do a Little Thundershock, Don't Play with Your Cock,
Smash Your Cracker's in Your Soup, Pay Attention in Your Group,
Here's a Scoop Your a Fruit Loop, Don't Give Your Friend's a Love Tap,
Catch a Slap, Ignore that Door, When You Take a Nap,
Watch Your Back, Take a Bath, Build a Puzzle, Play a Game,
You Expect the Guy Your Gonna Play, is Always Gonna Cheat,
You Do the Same, To Show them Both, That Both of You, Are Insane,
It's Not Christmas, But take a Candy Kane,
If You Wanna Think Crazy, Take Your Buddy's Advice,
If You Wanna Prove that You Are, You Better Think Twice!
Don't Tell Them all Your Thoughts, Unless You Really Like Those Shots,
It's Not Wrong to Talk to That, But if it Talks Back then Ignore that Fact,
Don't Have a Temper When You Don't Get Your Way,
That Can Wait Some Other Day, It's Your Free time, So Go Play!
Being in a Mental Facility is Alot Like Elementry,
When it's All Over, Your Free! Yippie!"

One Hundred and Three

Billy Was Always on the Run,
He Might have been Young,
But He Invented the Line,
"That Son of a Gun,"
Billy the Kid Would Stay Hid,
And Would Only Strike,
When You Least Suspected it,
He Was Just a Boy,
When He Mastered,
The Duel Action Toy,
The Older Man With the
Starry Badge Crown Vowed
To Take Billy Down,
The Law Wouldn't Allow a
Deal to Let Him Leave and
Flea the Town,
Pat Garrett Wouldn't Let Him Hop
On His Horse and Jet to Mexico,
The Kid Had His Final Regulate,
On that Night Billy met his Fate,
Sheriff Pat, Who Once was Billy's Bud,
Before Fame Turned Billy
Into a Western Stud,
The Sheriff Swore On his Life
and his Family Crest,
That Pat Put a Bullet
in Billy's Chest,
But it all Sounds Like a Bunch,
Of He Said, She Said to Me,
it Will and Always has,
Just Been a Mystery,
Why Can't We Dig Up
Billy and See?"
No Wait, that might Change
What was Spoken and
Damage History. Did You
Ever Stop to Think, Just Maybe
That Billy Did just Flea?
Maybe the Sheriff Let Billy Go,
Or Maybe Billy was too Fast
and the The Law was too Slow,
But You Best Believe,
that there's a Possability,
that Maybe,
Billy Lived to Be
A Hundred and Three."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old Suicide Note

I Was Looking for Something One Day,
What it was I Can't Really Say,
Cause it Would Give the End of this Story Away,
That' When I Came Across my Old Highschool Notebook,
And I Decided to Take a Look..
And What I Started to Read
I Just Could Not Believe.."

It Said..
"I Saw You Walkin' Through the Autumn Ground,
Then When it Hit Me, I Tried not to make a Sound,
Because You Were Walkin' with another Guy,
But You Caught Me, and as we were Talkin'
It Was Hard to Hold these Tears, and try not to cry.
I Tried Holding it all in for Years, You Said Hello,
And i Said Goodbye, God, I Feel as if I want to Die,
She Doesn't Believe I Will Do it, For that I will Prove it.
They will have Eachother, Because She Love's Another,
Still Tell my Old Girl friend I Will Always Love Her..

My Stomach Became Sick and I Beagn to Think..
How Could I ever think those thoughts? That I thought
Way Back then, I Can Easily Say Now, Those Will Never
Cross my Mind, Ever Again, Why Would I
Give up My Final Breath, Just For a Bad Memory in My Head,
To Even think of Death, and want to be Dead,
When I Can Live Life, the Rest of My Life,
Over One Little Fling, Just Over One Little Thing,
Why Did I Even Give? It's Good Thing I Didn't,
Because I LIve, Here I Am, I'm Alive."

It Was An Old Suicide Note that I Had Wrote,
The Past Came Roarin in and my Heart Was in Pain,
But I Love Myself, For that Suicide never Came,
And Then that Old Note I Wrinkled Up,
Tossed it in the Trash, Then Never Loooked Back,
I Completely Closed that Door, And then I Finally
Came Across What I Was Actually Looking For,
After I Graduated, I Saved up All My Money just Get this,
And I'm Giving You this Golden Thing,
Because Your the Greatest thing,
To Ever Happen in my Greatful Life,
Could You Take this Ring And Become my Wife?"

And to this Day,
I Can't Imagine I Even Ever Though that Way,
When I Had Read that Old Note,
I'm So Glad I Didn't Follow through,
Because I Would Have Never Made My Dreams Come True
And I Would Have Never Met You.."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sad Clown

Why Do You Feel so Low?
When I am the Fool For Letting You Go.
I Broke my Word When I let You Down,
For That I Deserve this Frown
And Give Up My Seat and Give You this Crown,
But I Hope There is Something I Can Do,
To Turn it Back All Around,
For That, it is Me not You
Who Deserves to be Down!"

A Mermaid Saved Me

A Mermaid Saved Me, But I wasn't Stranded at Sea,
Shovel and Pails, Fins and Tales,
She'd Sing and She'd Rhyme,
She'd Rise Above and I'd Fall in Love Everytime,
Her Scales would appeal, When She'd Laugh
She'd Squeel, and Slither in the Water just Like a Seal,
She Hated Her Fins, When She Saw my Feet,
She Kissed My Lips when We First Did Meet,
Yes I Got a Kiss,
From an Under Water Princess of Atlantis,
I Saw Her Hair Dry, But I Like it Better Wet,
She Was Caught in my Net,
I'd Ask her what's her Name
Although She's Never Tell,
I'd Never Let Off that She was a Fish,
Even though holding her in my arms
Was any man's Wish,
She'd Smile and I'd Say "Stay Awhile"
And I Swear I saw a Tear in Her Eye
When She Waved me Goodbye,
If I Were to Give Her Cash,
She'd Just Give me a Splash and Treat it like Trash,
Because to her it's just Paper Drenched in a Bath,
Not Like a Girl, I Didn't Give her a Shell,
I Gave Her a Bell and if You Ever Want to see
this Man again, Ring Her Like Hell,
Now I Hope she Know's what she Mean's to me,
Go Live Your Life and Be Wild and Free,
For You are the Mermaid that Saved me!"

Paradise Ain't Shit Without You!

Paradise is Nice, But Not Enough to Sacrafice my favorite Slice,
Cause You Would Look So Good Under that Sheet in my Hotel Sweet.
I'd Love to Look at Your Smile as I Rub Your Feet,
Wake up in the Morning and see You Lyin' next to Me,
There is No Other Place in the World I'd Rather Be, I Love it Here,
But Without you my Dear, It's Just Another View,
Paradise Ain't Shit Without You!"

I Miss the Curve of Your Body and the Touch of Your Skin,
Body Shots and Your Bikini Tops, That Coconutt Butt
in Your Bikini is what I'd like to see as you strutt your Stuff,
Stay up Late Laying in a Hammock, Watch the Sun go Down as we Talk,
This Sunset has lost it's Mean, It Just Ain't a Thing for a King
if He Ain't Got His Queen, It's Like a Burrito without a Bean..

I Wonder How your Doing way Back Home,
I Wish I Could Call You on my Phone, Meet You at the Bar all alone,
Just Have You all For my Own, But I wait to Lower my Foam
and Look at My Beer, Thinkin' Paradise just Ain't Shit Without You Here!"

When I Arrive Back From that Five Hour Flight,
I'm Gonna Jump Off that Plane and Hold You Tight!
You Might Ask "How was Your Trip?" And I'll Respond "Yeah it was Alright."
But Right Now I'm Gonna Make Love to You all Late in the Night,
And there's just One Little Thing I'd Like to Share,
When I Give You That Long Yard Stare,
That Paradise Just Ain't Shit Without You There!"

The Sun.. I Don't Care.
The Beach.. I Don't Care.
The View.. I Don't Care.
if you Ain't There!"

I'm just that into You

Honey You Talk to Fast
and You Got me Thinkin,
I'm Tryin' to Listen, But I'm Blocked
by Your Beauty,It's Blinded me to see,
Past What Your Tryin' to say to me,

I Don't Want to get a Word in,
How Could I ever even Begin?
I Just Want to Hear your Voice,
And Find Out if the Outer Beauty
Matches the Women from Within,

Then You Will Be in Shock,
When I show You, I Remember
this Entire Talk, So Slow it Down,
So I Can Repeat it Right Around,

It Will Catch you By Surprise
When I Look into Your Eyes
Tell You I Did not Memorise,
and I am not like all the other Guys,

Who Would Just Lie About Hearing You,
When I Give you that Dump Puppy Dog Stare,
I'm Showing You I care, But What do I do?
I Just want You to Know, I'm just that into You!"

A Boy and His Bond

His Mood always Remain's Cheerful,
And the Tone of his Voice is alway's So UpBeat,
Told me never Lie, Eye's on Me and Never Cheat,
He Knows which Properties to Buy in Monopoly,
Photograph's Lightning and Enjoy's to Hear me Sing,
My Dad Know's Everything,..
Any Rock is Skippable my Boy,
You'll never Know if You Don't Try,
I'll Show you how to Tie this Tie,
I Hate when you Say Goodbye,
I Love you, Your my Son and your alway's Fun,
Your My Pride and Joy And
I'm Glad your my baby Boy!"
Taught me How to Drive a Car,
Baught me my First Beer at a Bar,
From here to now,
From Reading Me "Where All the Wild Thing's Are!"
There Was No Oppurtunities We Didn't Miss,
Faded or Lost, Father Loving You Has No Cost,.
And I Love this Father-Son Bond
Even Though I Never Act Like I Really Care,
You Were Always There!"

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Four More Years

She Darted my Heart, We Were Seperated like Stripes and Solids Apart,
But She Doesn't Use my Money For the Little One's in the Shopping Kart,
When We met up in Court, I Vowed on paying this Child Support..

But She Spends it at Bars, and on Brand New Cars,
She Calls too tell me She Love's my Money,
And that she never Loved me Hunny,
But She's not the Only one who think's it's funny,
Goes on High-Priced Travel Trips, Love's Her New Lips,
She Doesn't make enough in Tips, Just Poker Chips,
But About me, I Buy all my Friend's Beer's
And they say Cheer's, Cause I only Got Four More Years.."

What's she Gonna Do? When She Can't Get No More Out of You..
Her Kid's She Can't Give a Try, Cause They Know She Never Did Rely,
So When There 18 there Just Gonna Pack there things and Say Goodbye"
In Four More Years.. Will You Give me Tears?
All I know, is that maybe in Four More Years..
She'd Wish She Would have been my Friend in the End.
Will you be a Wreck? When You Don't Recieve my Check,
You'll never Hear or See me, Cause I'll be Wild and Free.
If You ever even Loved these kids this is where they will Be."
In Four More Years.. I Can't Wait, In Four More Years,
I'll Love You Like I Loved You Way Back When."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Canadian Girls

It Might Be a Little Breezy, But All the Girls Up here are all So Easy,
But Not at all so Sleezy, I respect there currency,
But my New Northern Lady isn't so shady,
She Fills my Heart up with Love.
Like an Angel Sent From Above,
They All Stand Tall in Montreal, Lookin For a Beauty?
Toronto is Where you Gotta go,
The Greatest Girl's You Ever Saw,
Are All in Manitoba, or You Should Manoever
Your Ass Up to Vancouver."

So I must Confess that Canadian Girls' are the Best,
They Got Kindness that matches the Cuteness
The Listing Price is Doubled Twice, But if you Understand
it's all the same in American, Then I'm the Man Dating a Knockout Canadian."

Hotels seem Dirt Cheep and When I look into your Eyes I can't Sleep,.
But Back to the U.S. is Where I Leap, But it's You My Babe I want to Keep!"
It's All the Same Amount, and What it's all ABOUT, About's a Boot,
To the North is where I Scoot, You Say Bur, But I Got Fur and I want Her."
So I Like the Canadian Chicks, they Say Men Back Home are all Cocky Pricks,
Just Always want to Handle Hockey Sticks!"
So If She Comes from the Place with the Red & White Flag,
I Like Meat, But if it's Got a Maple Leaf,
then that's my Hella Favorite Beef."

Your My Craft and I Don't need this Draft.
I Don't Want Labatt, I Just want my Baby Back.
and I hate this Blue, I Just Want You!"
I Could Be a Dopey Blue eye'd Honey Lovin,
Big Brown Canadian Bear, When I just sit there and Stare.
But I Couldn't Care as long as you are there."
So I Catch You a Samon and I make it Happen."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dylan Bosch on Women

"Have you ever had a girl have a crush on you and then when you find out she does you have no interest in her and then when she isn't attracted to you anymore you then are interested in her."
"Don't you think Damn what happened? Why wasn't I attracted to her then? It's because when you are just handed something it becomes less desirable..Just like money, you spend it as soon as you get it if you didn't work to earn it!"
"So if there is a woman that you really want right now, Don't tell her you like her right away! Don't rush! If you really really want this woman. Then date another woman.. The results will amaze you in many ways! First, you will have experience on rejection and if you lose this girl it won't be that much of a setback, heart break or any somewhat of a big deal because it wasn't the One. It wasn't the One you were actually going for. Second, maybe this woman will find that you are more desirable when you are taken and you are showing no interest for her at all at this point, but you really are interested. Third, becasue it repeats what I was talking about at the start, you don't like it when stuff is handed to you so why would she be any different?"
"Remember you are the man! Always walk tall and if you find girls in groups always get to know there friends first before you get to know the One you actually want.."
"Sex wise think about your partner first, it might of been okay to think about all about yourself when your a teenager but not anymore, in highschool you were a big fish in a pond but this here is the ocean and your drowning! It's not all about you! It's about her.. unless you don't want her to come back again and do this more.. then go ahead. Also you should always try thanking them too. Not by saying the word thank you, but say something like "I had a good time last night or I will call you later." The biggest rule about what not to do after sex is don't ask something like.."How did I do? Was I the best you ever had?" That is one of the biggest turn offs for a woman there is!
"Have you ever tried to wonder what's in a woman’s mind? What is she thinking about? Do you know that women do not always mean what they say. They might say something and mean the exact opposite. But what do women actually want? When does anyone know what they want?"
"Remember Women get jealous as hell. They might deny it but the fact is they get extremely jealous even if their man talks to a random female or maybe a friend. She might pretend to act all nice but inside her jealousy volcano is about to erupt."
-"Do I look fat? This term is to a girl just like when we look in the mirror and say -"Does this make me look gay?" I know you’ve heard this one time and again but let's all admit to it officially! No matter how skinny she is she would never consider herself thin. Almost every woman occasionally asks this annoying question- "Am I looking fat in this honey?”
Don't share secrets with them- If you have than you are already on prime time radio. Almost every woman shares each and every secret with her friends.They have a good laugh over it. And yeah when I say secrets it means your private secrets as well if you know what I mean.
They know when you are cheating! Women have inbuilt instincts and emotion system which beeps and alerts when their man is cheating. No matter how big of a player you are you would always be caught no matter what."
Say something sappy to them when it's just you and her alone. Have ever been around a woman who has a piece of shit boyfriend? Is she really going out with him? You can be that man! If you say something sweet and be nice to her when no one is around and you are acting like an asshole at a party to everyone or you are being an angry drunk. She'll deffend you by saying this to everyone- "He's usually sweet or He never acts like this."
"You may not know this, but the ability to make women like you can be learned - and it's fairly easy too! Any guy can be insanely attractive - and it does not matter if he is bald, fat or ugly. In fact, you can be attractive even without saying a single word!
You have got to come across like a true alpha male in order to become attractive in the eyes of women. There is nothing a woman like's more then trying to see what you are thinking by looking into your eyes, but don't stare, then you'll be just plain weird look at her eyes for a couple seoconds and then when she notices by looking at you looking at her.. Look away, right away and then she will know. Do not be afraid of taking up space. For example, when you are sitting down, drape your arms behind the chair. Take up space - and look dominant!
Look at Rock stars walk around everywhere as if they own the place. They also scream dominance - which is highly attractive to women. You do NOT have to be a rock star to behave like one - it all boils down to your attitude. Observe how rock stars like Gene Simmons, Brandon Boyd and Brett Michaels behave and mimic your behavior like them."
Making women go through an emotional rollercoaster, and at the same time make them become emotionally connected and dependent. "Rock Star Persona" and "Alpha Man" Women have been known to want to sleep with them - in 15 minutes or even less!
Please do not use my advice and knowledge on woman for game. Use it to find the One."

Captain in Command

"Dirt in my Roots and Dead Dust on my Hair,
In a Car you Roam Where you Like,
But in A Boat you Feel Like a Captain in Command."
The People Look to me to see the Master Plan at Hand,
When I Grab the Wheel and Sit Down On my Chair,
No Worries, No Care.. I Will Take on that Wave
If You Sucker's Double Dare. The Girls Cry Out with a Scare,
I Stay Strong and I hit it Head On.
You Sit up and You See No More Sun, I Say Sit Down
and that We Ain't Yet Done.. Through The Blue I Race
With Water Shot at My Face.. I Give it a Twist,.
Spray you with a Showery Mist.. Don't Tighten you Fist
Because this is One Captain You Don't Want Pist!"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Summer

December 15TH, 2002 were gonna miss you!

Very Strong, Lived Long, Miss him a ton,
Very fun,Made me a fishing poll
Taught me how to row a boat,
Don't forget your coat,He could do anything,
Baught me a swing,My gosh,
We lost the Greatest Bosch,
He was the mastah,When he baught the Shasta,
He said it was cheaper,So it was a keeper!
Kept him free from grace,
We all like that smile from his face,
I love you Grandma, and I miss you Grandpa!"

"I thought we'd always be together, Not lose what we Had,
I thought I'd be back Another Summer, Now I Can't, No which it's Gone..."

On the Right side it's Grandpa's Chair,
But he don't care, he's strong and lived long,
One time, I remember, He got ran over by a Tracter,
Made a Big Fear-Factor,
He Survived, Yeah he was that strong
I Remember, Sittin on his lap,
playing with his cap, As he told me a Story,
This is the House that Jack Built!"
My Favorite book, Helped put worms on my hook,
Made me a Fishing Rod, and he prayed to God!"

"I thought we'd always be together, Not lose what we Had,
I thought I'd be back Another Summer, Now I can't, No which He's Gone!"

"I thought we'd always be together, Not lose what we Had,
I thought I'd be back Another Summer, Now I can't, No which your Gone!"

Poker Ladies

Play Pool, Play Shirades, Damn it I needed an Ace of Spades
So Your a Gambling Joker? Then let's all play poker.
Hold'them down, Move your eye's all around,
Flop it to the Ground, Do you expect me to show you all my cards?
Look at your Chips and not at her Lips,
Gambling at stakes, Doing whatever it takes,
Playing for Sins, Hearts and Diamonds,
A Game of Risk and Not of Luck, Like Hockey without the Puck,
Like Basketball with only air, Not like Football fighting fair,
Your getting hot like a Legend, Like a Flame,
Like you were Born to play this Game,
No Worries, No Cares, Look at me ride like Hot Stuff, No Just a Bluff.
Jokes on you but you don't think it's funny, You need the Money to Win this Honey,
Red Means Remember, Black Means Luck,
I want your eyes on me but how do I do it without the Green Stuff.
Now you lost the deck and your a wreck, But you figure Oh' what the heck?
You Don't think twice, and you roll the dice, and when you do, you do Pay the Price."

I Like About You

I Like That Smile On You, You don't think it True,
But When I Kiss Your Lips You Know I Do,
I Like Your Hair Messy in the Morning Out of Bed,
I Also Like it Dry, But I Like it Better Wet,
And You Say No Way, and I Say You Bet!

"I Like Watching You Get Up To Close That Door,
I Like it Even More to Just Look Into Your Eyes,
and When You Look Back into Mine,
I Like Staying Up Late With You to a Quarter after Four,
But It Never Feels Later Then a Half Past Nine,
I Like You All the Time"

I Like How You Make Me Feel Like a Dog When it Wags it's Tail,
Your Reaction When You Break a Nail,
I Like How You Still Think I Can Fix Anything,
I'm Standing Outside Your Shower Just To Hear You Sing,
I Like Almost Everything"

But What I Don't Like is Your Past HeartBreak
and a Love that Didn't Stay True,
It's Ok I've Also Had One, a Time or Two."
I Like That You Tried Again with Someone New,
But What I Like the Most, Of You I Like,
I Like Just Loving You!"

Pornographic Halloween

"Pumpkin Smashing, Black Cat Laughing, Trix and Treats,
But the Only Candy that we really want is the Eye’ in Kind!.."
What Better Holiday to Wear Lingerie and have it be ok?
Parents, Principle and Teachers think it's so obscene,
But boys like me couldn't dream up a better Porno Scene,
Like What Happens on the Night of Halloween..

"Lady Cops with Handy Cuffs, Naughty Nurse Flirts,
and Catholic Girls in Mini-Skirts,
A Hot French Maid and another Mermaid as far as I can See,
as we all sit down with a Blue Tainted Alice, and have some Tea!.."

Fly'in Genie in a Hot bikini, and a Diamond Kitty,
Little Red Riding Hood dressed up Just Like she Should,
Sexy Eve with No Adam, with Some Captain Rum,
There's A Low-Cut Pirate that Morgan's Hordin!.."

"On Halloween I go at it alone like a Rebel.,
Cause I never Know if I'll meet up with the Angel or the Devil,
Give that Rope a Twirl Cause I'm Going Home with this Cow Girl.
So She is no G.I. Joe but she sure looks good in CAMO, this I know!.."

"So You want a Hot Waitress and a Stewardess, I a Huntress and a Lioness!.."
A Pleated Referee and a Knock Out Adult, Cat woman’s here in Leather and Laces,
If you think that Candy is Cool, then your such a Fool,
When this Construction Girl Looks like she want's your Tool!.."

"A Girl showing more skin then only just her tummy,
To a Pink Pointy Eared, Playboy bunny,
From a Santa's Little Helper to a fox in fur,
It don't matter, what costume you have on, Cause it's alway gonna make you Grrr!."

"Parents, Principle and Teachers think it's so obscene,
But boys like me couldn't dream up a better Porno Scene,
Like What Happens on the Night of Halloween..
Like What's Gonna Happen,
Like What's Going to Happen on This Night of Halloween!"

Down in Lady Land

"Dylan's Livin Down in Lady Land,
Cooking Up a Real Nice Tan, Sittin' in a Hammock Above the Sand,
He Was Under the Tiki's, Just Eye'in Bikini's, When suddenly he was Seeing,
Something He never Noticed, that was UnBelieving.."

It was Colors He'd Never Seen Before,
In Women that made Him, Adore Them, Twice as More...
Cause She Had a Pink Purse and a Yellow Lighter,
Green Mini-Skirt and a Red Lip Stick,
Brown Boots and a Purple Pajama,
and BLUU-EE Eyes!"

"Dylan Was Just Sittin' Here Chillin,
And Now He's Never Been So Willin, to get off of his Bum,
and get him some, a Lady that's Better, then the Look of the Sun,
Her Lips Look Sweeter, then this Here Rum,
He Said I Got Enough Time to Lay When I'm Dead
Cause I Just Can't Resist that Lady in Red.."

It was Colors He'd Never Seen Before,
In Women that made Him, Adore Them, Twice as More...
Cause She Had a Pink Purse and a Yellow Lighter,
Green Mini-Skirt and a Red Lip Stick,
Brown Boots and a Purple Pajama,
and BLUU-EE Eyes!"

Dylan's Down in Lady Land,
Dylan's Down with Lady Land,
Yeah, Dylan's Livin Down in Lady Land!"

Our First Kiss

"When That Alcohol Took You On A Heavy Ride
I'm The Guy Who Took You in, Got You a Pillow,
And Layed You On Your Side."
And This is Why, Every Guy, Wonders Why, I Try
to Survive, This is Why, It's This, This Kiss."

"We Were Just Two Little Todds
Holding Our Fishing Rods
We Would Just Sit There and Talk
While Our Legs Dangled From The Dock

"And I See You Take that Driveway Up and Down,
Just Like Your Wearing a Crown, I'm The Girl Who's Your Queen."
And All the Girls Wonder Why, I Get This
Tear in my Eye, This is Why, It's This, This Kiss."

You Need to Understand, You Got a Man, With a Plan,
Take My Hand, It Looks Like it Might Storm
So Cuddle Up To Me Where it's Nice and Warm,
It's Ok to Worry, It's Ok To Be Under So Much Stress
Atleast We Know Your Not a Mess..
Did You Ever Miss? Do You Remember This?
"Yes, It Was Our First Kiss."

All My Girls Are Gone

The Nurse Came Up to Me,
"Congratulaions Your a Daddy..
It's a Baby Girl and it's so Very Healthy,
But Were Losing Her Mommy,
And Sir I'm So Very Sorry.."
..And Now Everyday I Still Carry On,
That My Girl is Gone, But I don't Feel So Alone,
I Must Raise This Baby All On My Own.

I Held this Little Girl in My Arm,
Baby, I'm Your Daddy, I Mean you No Harm,
I Hear Your HeartBeat, I Hope it Stays Stronger
Then That of Your Mom,
Couldn't Help But Think I Would Rail
Any Male Who'd Ever Do You Wrong,
I'm Sorry I'm Speechless, or I'd Sing You a Song,
Let's take You Home, And Don't Worry Your Little
Furry Friend Can Tag Along

I Must Teach Her Wrong From Right?
Also Don't Forget To Turn On that
TinkerBell Light and Kiss-n-Tuck Her In at Night
I Love This Little Girl, I Hold Her Hand and Make Her Twirl,
Make Her Drink All Her Milk So She Grows Big and Strong,
Take Her On a Drive and Listen To Our Favorite Song,
I Listen To Her Little White Lies that make me Laugh,
I Teach Her Math and I Also Brush Her Hair After Every Bath"

I Built Her a Play-House High in a Tree,
We Always Have Toons Blareing on the Tv.
I Tell Her About a Sponge Who Lived Under The Sea.
Tell Her I'm Older Then a Dvd..
She Grew Up Fast, But Much To Slow,
Now When I Lift Up My Brow,
She Just Replies Don't Have a Cow!"

Whatever Happened to that Baby Girl I Once Knew,
Like When She Was Two, Now No Longer Plays Peek-A-Boo
She Just Went On Up and Suddenly Grew,
I Wish I Could Ask Her Mom for Help She'd Know What to Do,
I Wish You Could See This Girl, That Came From Me and You..
Would You Be Sad, Would You Be Glad, Happy or Mad?
All I Know is That You Would Love Her As Much As I Had,
She Has Your Eye's, She Has Your Smile,
She Even Love's Me As Much As You Did.
From this Baby I Hide My Tear,
That I Wish, You Were Still Here..

Then on One Sad Day
I had To Give My Grown-up-Girl Away.
I Had to Walk Her Down That Aisle
and Give Her That Finale Smile,
I Gave the Man a Glance,
and We Had are Father Bride Dance.
I Listened to Her Say Give Him a Chance,
That's When She Finally Saw My Tear,
and She Whispered in My Ear,
Now You Listen Here,
I'm Your Daughter and I'm Glad
Your My Dad!..
And Now Everyday I Still Carry On,
Thinkin All My Girls Are Gone!"

Reality Bite

I Need a Shave, I Don't Smell the Best, I Just Lay
at Home Because I need the Rest,
My Mood is Going Up and Down in So Many Ways, I Miscount the Days,
Right Now I Feel Like I'm Good For Nothing,
And To Everyone Else It's Not a Big Deal How I Feel,
Do I Have a Heart, Do I Even Have a Soul?
I'm Tired of Chasing Tail, Would My Momma Even Recognize Me?
I'm Not The Boy That I Used to Be."

Take A Shower and Make Your Bed, All Cook You Some Food
to Make Sure That Your Fed, Get Dressed Right Now,
Did You Hear What I Said? Pickup These Clothes, This House Looks Like Shit,
How Can People Even Live in it?
It's Monday Morning and the First of June,
Here's The Paper, I Hope You Find a Damn Job Soon,
How Dare You to Think, Yo Momma Don't Care,
I Love You Son, Now Take Care Of Yourself, Your The Man of The House."

She Might Age To Other People But Not To Me,
She Has Her Heart Soul and Mind,
and I Should Tell Her I Love Her More of the Time,
You Make Me Believe I Can Do This, So I Think I Might,..
Without You I Couldn't Feel Reality Bite

I've Already Served my Time in Hell

"I Met an Old-Timin' World War II Vet.
He Said Don't Call Me a Heroe, Just Call me a Friend,
I'm Your Allie and I'm Here Talk To You Till my End,
He'd Talk About God, Christ and Prayer and How He
Couldn't Wait To Go Way Up There."
I Asked How Do You Know? That's Where your Gonna Go?
How are You So Certain? That's God's Gonna Open
Up His Curtain and Let You In..
How Do You Know that Your One of the Few Men,
That's Rising Up To Join Him in Heaven?"

...He Smiled at me, Like He'd Never Done Before,
I Sat Down and He Told Me About June of 1944,
My Country had Done So Much For Me,
I Wanted to Give it Back Some More, So I Enlisted in the War
I was a Big Red One, I was a Son of a Gun,
I Had Bullets to Dodge, and Strongholds to Sabotage,
I Wrote Letters to My Fiance Cindy,
and I Stormed the Beaches of Normandy
Yes, I Fought in the Biggest War, I even Seen
My Dead Brothers Bodies Wash Up To Shore
My STG 44 Would Drop Men Like You to The Floor,
I Recieved the Highest Rank, Taught Soldiers Smaller
Then You How To Drive a Tank,
I Held My Colt 45 to try and Survive,
But After All the Stuff I've Seen,
I Wish I wasn't Alive."

"Even a Saint can Sin and I Can't Wait till they Let Me In,
I'll Reunite with my Mate, When I meet my Fate,
And I'll See the Pearly Gate, I Already Know on the Day I Die,
That I Won't Fry, and I will Fly, Wake up With an Angel in My Eye,
And She'll Ring Her Bell Cause I've Already Served my Time in Hell."

"He Inspired Me To Get Down On One Knee,
He Didn't Insist, But I Couldn't Resist,
I Grabbed me a Paper and I Went to Enlist,
I'm Not Old Enough to Talk, But I'm Young Enough tp Listen,
I Drove a Tank Through a Sand Dune
Always Stayed Up Late Lookin' at the Moon,
And I Returned in "2004" on the Month of June,
I Went Back to the Courtyard Where I Met that Vet,
His Name Was General Stall, Only When He Saw My Uniform,
He Wasn't Happy Nor Proud at All,
I'm Sorry, Even after You Warned Me I still Did Sin,
Do You Think God Will Ever Let me in?
I Looked up at His Old Face,
and I asked Him Again.
With His Pride He Replied.."

"Even a Saint can Sin and I Can't Wait till they Let Me In,
I'll Reunite with my Mate, When I meet my Fate,
And I'll See the Pearly Gate, I Already Know on the Day I Die,
That I Won't Fry, and I will Fly, Wake up With an Angel in My Eye,
And She'll Ring Her Bell Cause I've Already Served my Time in Hell...
I Teared Up and Said "So Have I as Well."

We Don't Need this Ball

"I Never Had a Clue of What I Knew,
All I Could Do is Throw This Ball Back at You,
She Had Her Wet Brown Hair all Drenched in Sweet,
With a Dark Blue Eyes She Looked Up at Me and Said..

"I'm Sorry if I Couldn't Catch that Ball at All,
and I'm Sorry How I Hit that TRuck it's Not My Favorite Brand,
and Sorry How I Got Glad When You Hit that Sand,
Cause See Boy, Your My Catch and I Don't Need That Ball at All.

Every Girl Who Would Walk in Are Cross, I Never Threw to them a Toss,
Cause as Far as I can See, it's Only You and Me,
Every Boy Who Would Walk By and Clap,
She'd Say "No Way Cause I'm His Beer and He's My Tap,"

Yeah, We Were Throwin Balls While Her Girls Were at a Bathrrom Stall,
and When They Got There it Was not Fair,
Cause They Took Her Away Like a Dark Sunday,
and Everytime I Go Back to That Same Spot Where We Threw that Ball,
I Never See that Girl at All.."

A Minnesota Man

"I'll Grab You a Drink, Now Tell Me What You Think, Tell Me Your Plans
About Where Are Love and Are Future Stands,
She Said She's Going to Follow Her Heart,
Go Out into the World and Have a Brand New Start,
She Said "I Wouldn't Forget about You and Me,
I'm Gonna Become What I've Always Wanted to be
But Honey Won't You Come With Me?"

"I Love Your Lips, I Love Your Hair, I Love Your Eyes,
I Love Your Stare and I Love Your Face,
But the Only Thing I Love More then Your Love is this Place.."
I'm Sorry I Can't Come with You My Dear,
It's My Heaven For Me Right Here."

"So Your Going For Your Education,..
Go Tackle the World You Will be a Great Sensation,
But I'd Be Lieing if I said You Were My Inspiration,
Be a Doctor and Cure That Disease, I Wish You Peace,
Be a Hard-Working Big Banking Assistant,
Show Someone That Stain is Non-Resistant,
Get a Career in Math, All I Can Say is Good Luck
And All be here if you Ever Come Back!"

Cause if I'm Not Apart of Your Heart
We Can Still Achieve if You Don't Leave
I Want You In My Life, I Want You As My Wife
But if You Go Be a Girl in a Sorority and if You
Ever Wanna See me
This is Where I'll Be!
Move to Another Land,
Maybe to a Place with an Ocean and Some Sand,
But if You Ever Wanna See me Again
This is Where I Stand,
A Minnesota Man!"

My BabyDoll

So I'm Runnin Down the Road With My Headlights On,
Lookin' for a Truck Stop with a Bathroom Stall,
Lookin' for condoms if they even got them at all,
So I Can Head on Home and Make Love, with my Baby Doll.

Sittin' at the Bar Stool From Dusk Till Dawn
Plannin' to Drink this Whiskey Till I Probably Fall,
But the Bartender Looks at me and Says it's Last Call,
I Say Call me a Cab, So I Can Head Home and Make Love, With My Baby Doll.

So I'm Thinkin' of a way to get rid of these kids
I Shove Them in the Car and Take them to the Mall,
Whip Out all my Money and Say Have a Ball!
So I Can Head on Home and Make Love, with my Baby Doll.

Then we got a Divorce and I Lost it all,
And Now I'm Sittin' Here at Home All Alone
Makin Love, to a Stinkin'.. Blow.. Up.. Doll!"

They Don't Have Wings

This is For the Days I See you Smile,
Which Leads to the Nights that I Can't Sleep,
To When I awake and I Open My Door,
Hopeing I will See it Some More!"

Just Because, They Don't Have Wings
Doesn't Mean that they aern't a thing
Just Because, They Don't Have Wings
Doesn't Mean She Can't Make You Sing!

Your Acting Weird, But That's Okay,
Because Even When The Sky's are Greay
In The Pail Moonlight and a Cloudy Day
I'd Stand in the Rain Screamin "Angel Can You Play?"

Just Because, They Don't Have Wings
Doesn't Mean that they aern't a thing
Just Because, They Don't Have Wings,
Doesn't Mean She Won't Wear This Ring!

Take my Hand, Look What I Do, Just For You
Standing in a Bath of Blood
with my Hand Nearly Torn off,
Still, Angel Can You Come Out and Play?"

Just Because, They Don't Have Wings
Doesn't Mean that they aern't a thing
Just Because, They Don't Have Wings
Doesn't Mean a God Damn Thing!

If there's no Halo, is there no Say'Oh?
So Ring a Bell, Give her Hell
and Bring Her Back!
I Saw an Angel, it's about time you play!"

So When I See my Very Own Little Angel
Baby Look Over their, your not alone, now we
can all go home, Commin to Sleep right next to me
Now I Can See, I Did my Destiny.

You Angel, You