Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heaven Sent

Maybe Somebody Out There Did Intend Are Beginning to Our End,
For That, They Gave Me You, My Angel, That God Did Send."
Both Are Destinies Were Written, That's What I am Thinkin,
Just Give it a Moment to Sink in, We Both Followed the Goal to Win,
You Can't Take a Look, But You Might Be the Best Chapter in my Book,
My Book of Life, It was God's Plans, And Meeting You Was Fate in His Hands.
So Baby, Can't You See, that Just Maybe, You and Me Were Meant to Be."

Destiny Was Calling Me, Since I Was Three, Until I Turned into the Man,
That I was Meant to Be, Even Though We Were Born Apart,
Raised From a Different Start, It Was God's Design,
That I Would Find a Key to Your Heart And Make You Mine.
Like a Legend, Like a Flame, Like I Was Born to Play this Game,
It Might Sound Crazy, Maybe a Little Insane, Or Pretty Lame,
But I Didn't Know the Meaning of Life Until You Came."

You Might Not Care, But There Was a Reason Me and You Met There,
Are Life's Will One Day Unfold, Even Though Are Story Might Not Ever Be Told.
You Might Not Believe or Never Think, But Sometimes I Look up at the Sky's and Wink.
How's Come You Look Like an Angel, And You Act Like One Too.
For If All Of What I Said is True, Then Lord I Thank You!"

Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm Your Wolfman in the Morning
And in the Daytime at Work When Things are Boring,
Not Like TeenWolf with Michael J. Fox when He's Scoring
Not Like in the Movies, If You Got them,
Then I Like' them Kooties,
Sit Next to Me and I'll Be the One to Give You a Rub,
I'll Shake My Hair When I Leave that Tub,
If You are in the Mood For Love,
I Will Peck at Your Lips Like a Turtle Dove,
If You Want More, Then Like a Bear Give My Body a Hug,.
It Will Give Me a Shove,
If You Want to Know if I Will Never Let You Go
If It's a Full Moon and You Think I'm Gonna Leave,
Pull up Your Sleeve, Give me a Bark Like a Bitch in Heat,
And I Will Howl at Your Feet and Claw at Your Sheet,
Tell me to Sit and I'll Have a Seat.
I'll Look at You Like a Puppy with a Sad Face,
If You Point at the Floor, I'll Know my Place,
I'll Wait for You to Say "Come Here.."
I Ignore that Moon, Breathe by Your Ear, And Hold You Near,
I'll Gnarl at Your Bra, and Growl at Your Blouse,
As You Walk Away I See the Nighty's I Toar."
When Your Gone I Roar for More,
For it's You I Adore, When I Scratch at Your Door..
When You Leave.. I Don't Rub Against Trees,
Cause I Don't Care if I Got Fleas,
It's Your Face I Will Kiss Lick Attack,
If You Change Your Mind About That Stick,
I'll Bring it Back!"
I'm Loyal to Your Call, Even if it Were a Ball,
I'd Lend Out My Paw,
Your my Woman, Your My Love,
and There's Nothing Else in this World
I Favor More at All."

Rodeo Roleplay

We Smile at are Friends when We have Company,
Listen to them Talk, They Sure Talk Alot,
When We Both Know What We Both Really Want,
Boy I Thought They Were Never Gonna Leave..
So I Turn On the Radio, Howdie I Hop Into the Bed
You Say "Cowboy You Want a Rodeo?" and then
There We Go!"
She Hate's Her Real Hair, But I Think Her's is Just Fine,
I Just Think it Would Look Better
With a Cowboy Hat On it Anytime,.."
I Don't Care How Far Your Underwear Shoots,
As Long As You Keep On those Cowboy Boots,
With Her Long Brown and Blue Eyes to my Surprise,
And Shaved Tan Leags Stretched to The Sky's,
Long Dark Jeans Might Conceal, But in those Mini-Skirts
I Can See and Feel Your True Sex Appeal,
As I Man My Sales and Pitch You a Deal, What a Steal?"
If You Wanna Get Down and Dirty, Bronco Buck me Honey,
I Won't Laugh at You, But if Fall, I admit that Would Be Funny,
If You Want to Dance, Take a Chance,
How Can I Give You Romance in My Stance,
If I Always Have to Pull Your Pants?"
Should I Leave my Hat On? "Cowboy You Talk to Much
Show Me Your Touch, Prove to me Your a Man,
Who Can Handle a Saddle.. Slap, Grabble and Pull,
Is What I Do, But Not to You, No, Not Unless,
You Really Want Me Too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catch Hell from my Honey

Some Guys Might Fear, That When there Down to There Last Beer,
That They Might Catch Hell From there Honey,
When They Find Out That they Blew All the Money,
On Pool Tabs, Tips and Beer, And a Lecture is One More Thing
They Don't Want To Hear From You My Dear."
But I Don't Worry or Rush Home in a Hurry,
Because What Do I Got To Lose? I'm Not in there Shoes!"
I Know I Shouldn't Be So Quick to Laugh Or Talk so Fast,
Because One Day It Will Come Back and Bite Me in the Ass."

Don't Have the Memory to Forget, Cause Soon You Will Understand,
That the Thing I'm Looking For is in My Right Hand,
So I'm not so Shady, Cause My Arm's Around You Baby.
Your My Honey, Your my Lady, it's Your Hell that Drive's Me Crazy."

When We Are All Alone, You Sure Lighten Your Tone,
But When Were in a Crowd, Your Face Turn's Red and You Get Real Loud."
I'm at the Bar and I'm all out of Money, And All my Friends Think it's Funny,
Cause they Know I'm Gonna Catch Hell From You Honey,
When I Start Driving Down That Road, And I Know I Blew Our Load,
Is it Even a Wonder Why I Don't Wanna Go Back Home?
Just When I Can't Possibly Feel Any Worse, I'm On the Outside of the Door,
And Your On the Inside to Make Me Feel it Some More."
You Shake me Like a Rock, I Say Sit Down and We Have a Talk."

She Tells Me.. "Well, You Think You Had a Bad Night?
I Hate it When We Fight, The Stress From Dropping the Kid's from School,
All My Girl's Say I'm Such a Fool for Putting Up With You.
Why Don't You Ever Ask me If I can Come Out Too?"

Don't Have the Memory to Forget, Cause Soon You Will Understand,
That the Thing I'm Looking For is in My Right Hand,
So I'm not so Shady, Cause My Arm's Around You Baby.
Your My Honey, Your my Lady, it's Your Hell that Drive's Me Crazy."

Burning Bad Memories

Burning Bad Memories Down to the Ground,
Ash Turned My Life Back Around.
When Everything is Burned,
My New Life Will Be Earned,
I Know Watching the Past Burn,
Is Not a Good Way To Learn,
But I Seem to Think it Should,
As I Pile on More Fire Wood,
Don't Worry About the Future,
Don't Worry About the Past,
Worry About the Now and How
to Make it Last."
Now That Old Highschool Joke,
And the Girl that Got My Heart Broke,
Turned into a Cloudy Roll of Dark Smoke,
That Old Highschool Flame that
I Once Wanted Back Turned into Black
Snap, Crackle and Pop,
I Can't Hear my Heart Beat,
But I Feel the Heat Beneath my Feet,
As I See an Old Ribbon,
That Once Read Seventh Place,
I Wipe the Ashfall From my Face,
That Photograph I Took With the Stripper by a Pole,
When My Life Took a Toll,
And Every Other Little Sin I Put in a Bin
Is Gonna Burn With the Coal."
My Ex-Wifes Ring is Burnin' with the Tin
And that's Just One More Thing I'm Throwin' in."
That September, I Will Always Remember,
But Any Other Bad Memory
Is Gonna Burn Down Right in Front of Me,
If You All Wanna Come,
Your All Welcome to See..
I Bow my Head in Shame,
As I Stare Down at the Flicker of the Flame."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Drive Equals Love

"It's What Encourage's You to
Fill up that Coffee Cup, Wake Up,
And Take on the Day.
It's What Inspires You to go to
Church and Sometime's Pray,
It's What Get's You Through that Door,
It's What We've All Been Fighting For!"
It's What Seperate's us Dead from Alive,
And Thrive's Us to Keep On Tryin' to Survive.
Weather it's a Lady or Not Or Something
You Just Baught, Faught, or Thought
Or it's what Make's You Thankful
For What You Already Got or Something
Worth dying For, And Your Alway's Wanting More!"

Drive Equals Love,
It's When You Don't Care How You Get There,
But Getting Up and Taking that Dare,
Is What Both Love and Drive Share."

It's Never To Late to Find Someone
Or Something to Love and To Hold and To Be
Well Worth the Wait, it's not Hope, it's Fate.
Because Honey, I Love You,
And I think You Great!"
If You Don't Like Yourself,
Nobody Will, If Your Down on it and no more Luck,
You Need Some More of it, to Bounce You Back Up!
Don't Tell me if it is Better I Never Know,
If I Find it Again, I Will Hold it and Never Let it Go!

Drive Equals Love,
It's When You Don't Care How You Get There,
But Getting Up and Taking that Dare,
Is What Both Love and Drive Share."

If You Need Someone to Kiss Your Lips
And Hold Your Chin, That's Where I Come in.
So Loving You is Not a Crime, If You
Tell Me You Love Me, I'll Reply Everytime!
I Feel As If I want to Kneel,
Just Show Me a Sign, And I'll Lay You a Line,
Then Make You Mine."

Drive Equals Love,
It's When You Don't Care How You Get There,
But Getting Up and Taking that Dare,
Is What Both Love and Drive Share."
Drive For Love,
Love For Drive,
Love was worth the Drive."

Is Lichor a Lady?

You Might Just Say that it Can't Be a Him or a He,
It's an Object, But a Very Desirable one,
it Can Make a Son or a Girl, Any Unplannable Baby,
It is Capable of Making You Fall in Love and it's Not a She,
Don't You Possibly think just Maybe, Lichor's a Lady."

When She's Gone
You Wonder What it is, You Did Wrong,
She'll Lift You Up and Make You Sing a Song,
She Can Make You Happy, Make You Cry,
Look Back at Your Life and Make You Wann Die.."

Make You Think Your Funny, But Sometime's Only need You to Give it Money,
Make You Talk about Things You Never Thought You Would,
Make You Do Things That You Never Thought You Should,
Make You Smoke a Hundred Ciggaretts in One Night,
Put You on the Best Ride, Unleash Your Spirit inside,
And Then Get Up, When You Need it Most and Leave Your Side..

Is Lichor a Lady?
When You Have a Taste of that Bottle of Whiskey,
Do You Ever Look at Her and Ask Did You Miss me?"
Did You Love that Feeling and Never Want it to Leave?"
So Only if You Believe, Lichor's a Lady.."

Did You Ever Look at a Glass of Whine, So Divine,
And Ask Yourself How Do I Ever Make it mine?
Did You Ever Rate Your Mate,
And Say that's a Perfect Ten,
Well if She isn't, And You Think the Searching is Done,
I Know of a Woman, That Can Make You Find One.."

It Might Sound a Little Crazy, But to me,
Lichor's a Lady."

Elementry Mentalist

Laugh at all the Pop Out Books,
The Staff Gives You Happy Fake Looks,
Here Comes the Bully With a Bunch of Bad Ideas,
I'm not Crazy, Just Miss the Touch of a Lady,
And I'm Not Fond of my Partner, Scary Larry,
If You Don't Have Your Nicotine, that Could Make
Any Norm, Go Mean or Go Green, Don't Scream,
Here it Comes, Some more Happy People with Pills,
Don't Spill, Take this Pill to Have a Chill, and Then,
When You Get Home, Deal With Your Health Care Bill,
Smile Small, And they Won't Think Anything's Wrong at All,
Smile Wide, And It's Your Med's that they Will Divide,
Don't Tell them About the Ghost, They'll Put You on a Higher Dose,
I Got a Drower with my Name on it and More,
Put Your Right Foot in Front of You, Don't Do What You Wanna Do,
Listen to there Baby Talk, Paint a Little Pretty Rock,
Do a Little Thundershock, Don't Play with Your Cock,
Smash Your Cracker's in Your Soup, Pay Attention in Your Group,
Here's a Scoop Your a Fruit Loop, Don't Give Your Friend's a Love Tap,
Catch a Slap, Ignore that Door, When You Take a Nap,
Watch Your Back, Take a Bath, Build a Puzzle, Play a Game,
You Expect the Guy Your Gonna Play, is Always Gonna Cheat,
You Do the Same, To Show them Both, That Both of You, Are Insane,
It's Not Christmas, But take a Candy Kane,
If You Wanna Think Crazy, Take Your Buddy's Advice,
If You Wanna Prove that You Are, You Better Think Twice!
Don't Tell Them all Your Thoughts, Unless You Really Like Those Shots,
It's Not Wrong to Talk to That, But if it Talks Back then Ignore that Fact,
Don't Have a Temper When You Don't Get Your Way,
That Can Wait Some Other Day, It's Your Free time, So Go Play!
Being in a Mental Facility is Alot Like Elementry,
When it's All Over, Your Free! Yippie!"

One Hundred and Three

Billy Was Always on the Run,
He Might have been Young,
But He Invented the Line,
"That Son of a Gun,"
Billy the Kid Would Stay Hid,
And Would Only Strike,
When You Least Suspected it,
He Was Just a Boy,
When He Mastered,
The Duel Action Toy,
The Older Man With the
Starry Badge Crown Vowed
To Take Billy Down,
The Law Wouldn't Allow a
Deal to Let Him Leave and
Flea the Town,
Pat Garrett Wouldn't Let Him Hop
On His Horse and Jet to Mexico,
The Kid Had His Final Regulate,
On that Night Billy met his Fate,
Sheriff Pat, Who Once was Billy's Bud,
Before Fame Turned Billy
Into a Western Stud,
The Sheriff Swore On his Life
and his Family Crest,
That Pat Put a Bullet
in Billy's Chest,
But it all Sounds Like a Bunch,
Of He Said, She Said to Me,
it Will and Always has,
Just Been a Mystery,
Why Can't We Dig Up
Billy and See?"
No Wait, that might Change
What was Spoken and
Damage History. Did You
Ever Stop to Think, Just Maybe
That Billy Did just Flea?
Maybe the Sheriff Let Billy Go,
Or Maybe Billy was too Fast
and the The Law was too Slow,
But You Best Believe,
that there's a Possability,
that Maybe,
Billy Lived to Be
A Hundred and Three."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old Suicide Note

I Was Looking for Something One Day,
What it was I Can't Really Say,
Cause it Would Give the End of this Story Away,
That' When I Came Across my Old Highschool Notebook,
And I Decided to Take a Look..
And What I Started to Read
I Just Could Not Believe.."

It Said..
"I Saw You Walkin' Through the Autumn Ground,
Then When it Hit Me, I Tried not to make a Sound,
Because You Were Walkin' with another Guy,
But You Caught Me, and as we were Talkin'
It Was Hard to Hold these Tears, and try not to cry.
I Tried Holding it all in for Years, You Said Hello,
And i Said Goodbye, God, I Feel as if I want to Die,
She Doesn't Believe I Will Do it, For that I will Prove it.
They will have Eachother, Because She Love's Another,
Still Tell my Old Girl friend I Will Always Love Her..

My Stomach Became Sick and I Beagn to Think..
How Could I ever think those thoughts? That I thought
Way Back then, I Can Easily Say Now, Those Will Never
Cross my Mind, Ever Again, Why Would I
Give up My Final Breath, Just For a Bad Memory in My Head,
To Even think of Death, and want to be Dead,
When I Can Live Life, the Rest of My Life,
Over One Little Fling, Just Over One Little Thing,
Why Did I Even Give? It's Good Thing I Didn't,
Because I LIve, Here I Am, I'm Alive."

It Was An Old Suicide Note that I Had Wrote,
The Past Came Roarin in and my Heart Was in Pain,
But I Love Myself, For that Suicide never Came,
And Then that Old Note I Wrinkled Up,
Tossed it in the Trash, Then Never Loooked Back,
I Completely Closed that Door, And then I Finally
Came Across What I Was Actually Looking For,
After I Graduated, I Saved up All My Money just Get this,
And I'm Giving You this Golden Thing,
Because Your the Greatest thing,
To Ever Happen in my Greatful Life,
Could You Take this Ring And Become my Wife?"

And to this Day,
I Can't Imagine I Even Ever Though that Way,
When I Had Read that Old Note,
I'm So Glad I Didn't Follow through,
Because I Would Have Never Made My Dreams Come True
And I Would Have Never Met You.."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sad Clown

Why Do You Feel so Low?
When I am the Fool For Letting You Go.
I Broke my Word When I let You Down,
For That I Deserve this Frown
And Give Up My Seat and Give You this Crown,
But I Hope There is Something I Can Do,
To Turn it Back All Around,
For That, it is Me not You
Who Deserves to be Down!"

A Mermaid Saved Me

A Mermaid Saved Me, But I wasn't Stranded at Sea,
Shovel and Pails, Fins and Tales,
She'd Sing and She'd Rhyme,
She'd Rise Above and I'd Fall in Love Everytime,
Her Scales would appeal, When She'd Laugh
She'd Squeel, and Slither in the Water just Like a Seal,
She Hated Her Fins, When She Saw my Feet,
She Kissed My Lips when We First Did Meet,
Yes I Got a Kiss,
From an Under Water Princess of Atlantis,
I Saw Her Hair Dry, But I Like it Better Wet,
She Was Caught in my Net,
I'd Ask her what's her Name
Although She's Never Tell,
I'd Never Let Off that She was a Fish,
Even though holding her in my arms
Was any man's Wish,
She'd Smile and I'd Say "Stay Awhile"
And I Swear I saw a Tear in Her Eye
When She Waved me Goodbye,
If I Were to Give Her Cash,
She'd Just Give me a Splash and Treat it like Trash,
Because to her it's just Paper Drenched in a Bath,
Not Like a Girl, I Didn't Give her a Shell,
I Gave Her a Bell and if You Ever Want to see
this Man again, Ring Her Like Hell,
Now I Hope she Know's what she Mean's to me,
Go Live Your Life and Be Wild and Free,
For You are the Mermaid that Saved me!"

Paradise Ain't Shit Without You!

Paradise is Nice, But Not Enough to Sacrafice my favorite Slice,
Cause You Would Look So Good Under that Sheet in my Hotel Sweet.
I'd Love to Look at Your Smile as I Rub Your Feet,
Wake up in the Morning and see You Lyin' next to Me,
There is No Other Place in the World I'd Rather Be, I Love it Here,
But Without you my Dear, It's Just Another View,
Paradise Ain't Shit Without You!"

I Miss the Curve of Your Body and the Touch of Your Skin,
Body Shots and Your Bikini Tops, That Coconutt Butt
in Your Bikini is what I'd like to see as you strutt your Stuff,
Stay up Late Laying in a Hammock, Watch the Sun go Down as we Talk,
This Sunset has lost it's Mean, It Just Ain't a Thing for a King
if He Ain't Got His Queen, It's Like a Burrito without a Bean..

I Wonder How your Doing way Back Home,
I Wish I Could Call You on my Phone, Meet You at the Bar all alone,
Just Have You all For my Own, But I wait to Lower my Foam
and Look at My Beer, Thinkin' Paradise just Ain't Shit Without You Here!"

When I Arrive Back From that Five Hour Flight,
I'm Gonna Jump Off that Plane and Hold You Tight!
You Might Ask "How was Your Trip?" And I'll Respond "Yeah it was Alright."
But Right Now I'm Gonna Make Love to You all Late in the Night,
And there's just One Little Thing I'd Like to Share,
When I Give You That Long Yard Stare,
That Paradise Just Ain't Shit Without You There!"

The Sun.. I Don't Care.
The Beach.. I Don't Care.
The View.. I Don't Care.
if you Ain't There!"

I'm just that into You

Honey You Talk to Fast
and You Got me Thinkin,
I'm Tryin' to Listen, But I'm Blocked
by Your Beauty,It's Blinded me to see,
Past What Your Tryin' to say to me,

I Don't Want to get a Word in,
How Could I ever even Begin?
I Just Want to Hear your Voice,
And Find Out if the Outer Beauty
Matches the Women from Within,

Then You Will Be in Shock,
When I show You, I Remember
this Entire Talk, So Slow it Down,
So I Can Repeat it Right Around,

It Will Catch you By Surprise
When I Look into Your Eyes
Tell You I Did not Memorise,
and I am not like all the other Guys,

Who Would Just Lie About Hearing You,
When I Give you that Dump Puppy Dog Stare,
I'm Showing You I care, But What do I do?
I Just want You to Know, I'm just that into You!"

A Boy and His Bond

His Mood always Remain's Cheerful,
And the Tone of his Voice is alway's So UpBeat,
Told me never Lie, Eye's on Me and Never Cheat,
He Knows which Properties to Buy in Monopoly,
Photograph's Lightning and Enjoy's to Hear me Sing,
My Dad Know's Everything,..
Any Rock is Skippable my Boy,
You'll never Know if You Don't Try,
I'll Show you how to Tie this Tie,
I Hate when you Say Goodbye,
I Love you, Your my Son and your alway's Fun,
Your My Pride and Joy And
I'm Glad your my baby Boy!"
Taught me How to Drive a Car,
Baught me my First Beer at a Bar,
From here to now,
From Reading Me "Where All the Wild Thing's Are!"
There Was No Oppurtunities We Didn't Miss,
Faded or Lost, Father Loving You Has No Cost,.
And I Love this Father-Son Bond
Even Though I Never Act Like I Really Care,
You Were Always There!"