Monday, September 24, 2012

That Smilin' Face

Don't think I Forgot, the Times we Shared,
Don't Believe, that I never Cared,
Don't Listen, to What Other People Say,
You Were my Life, You Were my Night and Day!
Don't Forget Who You Are, Life is Not a Race..
And Don't think you Won't Go Far,
And Don't You Change, That Smilin' Face."

Don't Look at Life As if it's Lost,
Hold On and Stay Strong at any Cost..
You Don't need Another Man,
To Make You Feel Your Dream's Weren't Tossed.
Don't Be Affraid of Being Alone
Your Dreams aern't Lost,You Can Still Chase..
I'll be the One to Drive You Home,
And Don't You Change, That Smilin' Face."

Don't find Yourself Stuck in the Past,
Don't let Hard Time's and Bad Memories Hit You Fast,
Live For the Moment, And Make it Last..
Don't think Your Body is a Curse,
Don't think Your Caringness is getting Worse..
Don't Be Affraid to Trust, And Don't be Guarded to Lust.
Baby, You'll One Day Find Your Place..
And Don't You Change, That Smilin' Face!"

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ladies at the Gym

An Athletic Chick, Beautiful Like the Bud of a Rose,
But Tight Like a Prick, Some Walk, Some Run,
Other's Talk, But Most Are Pretty Quick.."
Don't Sell her Tickets to Your Gun Show,
She's Up High and You are Low,
They Can Swim, they will Swet,
Ladies at the Gym are all so Wet,
Rockin' Body, Nice but not Naughty?
Water and Gatorade is all they Drink..
(Laugh).. Yeah, So that's What You Think."
Getting in Shape is Great,
They Can't Wait, And Your there Bait..
Take a Shower, Put the Treadmill on Full Power.
Buns of Steel, And Great Sex Appeal.."
You Can't Touch, But Yes they are Real."
Girl's at the Gym are Down for a Double Teamin'..
No,.. Not Really, But You Can't stop a Man from Dreamin."
All Hail the Pony Tail, Tight Clothing,
It's all a Game of Visability, and your Agility,
There Not Working Out in the Dark,
Or Running Away from a Dog in the Park,
Even though all these Girls in Reebock Shoes,
Make Guys Like me, Wanna Bark!!.."

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Already Knew

It was there 50th Anniversary,
When Grandma told me,..
"Did you know, Your Grandpa never told me he loved me?"
I said, "Oh no, How could he?"
She said, "No, He never once told me he loved me,
But He didn't have too. I Already Knew..."

I knew when he started being nice to my dad that he used to hate,
I knew after that first kiss on that third date,
I knew before he stood outside my door in a suit with a rose,
Sometimes my son, The Heart just Knows..

I knew when he started talking more clear,
I knew when we made love without any beer,
I knew when he used to stutter when he'd talk,
I knew way before he bought me this rock,
I knew when he started doing things for me
that he knew I could do..
No son after all these year he never said I love you,
He Never had too, I Always Knew."