Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good Company

Do I listen better then you'd ever think?
Do You get Creeped out when I rinse out the Sink?
Do You think were gettin' robbed when I Lift up the Seat?
Are You gonna Laugh when I start to rub you're feet?
Are You gonna get scared when I do what you don't Normally See?
Because I don't know why you should ever be..
I'm not them, I am me.."

I am me, Not that other somebody,
I'm not them, I'm not him,
Who else do you expect me to be?
I am me, and when I'm with you..
You are free, baby is to hard to see?
That Clearly You're in Good Company."

I know You're no longer a fan of one man,
But baby you must understand, I'm not that man.
He Wrecked You're Trust, but You musn't bust.
I'm not going to play his game,
I know you think all men are the same,
But you only found out what you don't want,
So throw him away and give me a shot!..

I am me, Not that other somebody,
I'm not them, I'm not him,
Who Else do you expect me to be?
I am me, and when I'm with you..
We are free, baby now that you see,
You must be,.. in Good Company,
You can Smile, You're in..
Good Company with me."

Right now, Right here

I always wanted too..
Laugh, Chat and Dance where winner's Dine,
Sit up tall and smile in seats that don't recline,
Stand on a Carpet that matches the color of wine,
Yes, Sometimes it sounds all elegant and so divine,
But there's a reason why I don't live that life,
and it's because baby, I like mine."

Yes, I always wanted too..
Sometime Live in a palace up high for all to revere,
Sit on the Coast, Relax in the sun and never run out of beer,
Or Cruise down a road where the hills never end,
Or have so much green that I could never spend,
My Fondest Dreams may never Disappear,
It's just that better ones start to Appear,
Yes, Sometimes it still sounds nice out there..
But I don't really need it..
for I have I want, right now,
right here."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Think About Me?

When Jack Said to Rose "Don't Let Go"
When You're being pulled behind
a boat and they drive to slow.
When You see Superman or a Palm Tree
Everytime You see what I wanted to see,
I hope You think about me..

When You wake up to my song on the radio,
When You sit at that place where we used to go..
When you order that Long Island Ice Tea,
Everytime You hear Kenny Chesney,
I hope You think about me..

I hope you think about me,
And who we used to be,
Thinkin' about all the things we used to do,
Because at that Same moment,
You Never Know, I may be just thinkin' about you,
I may be, I'm maybe just thinkin' about you too."