Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Already Knew

It was there 50th Anniversary,
When Grandma told me,..
"Did you know, Your Grandpa never told me he loved me?"
I said, "Oh no, How could he?"
She said, "No, He never once told me he loved me,
But He didn't have too. I Already Knew..."

I knew when he started being nice to my dad that he used to hate,
I knew after that first kiss on that third date,
I knew before he stood outside my door in a suit with a rose,
Sometimes my son, The Heart just Knows..

I knew when he started talking more clear,
I knew when we made love without any beer,
I knew when he used to stutter when he'd talk,
I knew way before he bought me this rock,
I knew when he started doing things for me
that he knew I could do..
No son after all these year he never said I love you,
He Never had too, I Always Knew."

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