Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Never Again

You Go Out, You Get Drunk,
You Come Home, You Wake Up,
Sayin'.. "Never Again,"
But the Next Night,
You Still Go Out, You Get Drunk,
You Come Home, You Wake Up,
Sayin'.. "Never Again,"
And it just Keeps Going On and On,..
You still Drink it up and Have Fun.
You Live it up While your Still Young..

They Say Every Man has a Destiny,
They Say You are Your Own Worst Enemy,
But I Don't see how that's Me,
I still Wanna get Wild, While I still Feel Free...
So I Go Out, I Get Drunk,
I Come Home, I Wake Up,
Sayin'.. "Shit, that was fun.
Let's do it Again."
So Let's Go Out, Let's Get Drunk,
Let's Come Home, Let's Wake Up,
And Say I Can't Wait To Do that Again!
Let's do it Again, While We Still Can,
Let's Live it Up, While We Still Can."

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