Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank Women

She Wanted a Man Who Was a Smart,..
I Picked up a Pen, and a Napkin,
I Thought on How to get closer to her,
With words from my Heart,
I Wrote down all Kind's of Lines and Rhymes..
I Even Learned how to Draw a Work of Art.
Then One Day She Moved Away, But Now I Knew,
Creativity was One Thing I could do,
And A Woman Showed me how to start."

She Wanted a Man Who Could Move his Feet,..
I Was Tone Deaf and Didn't Know any Sound or Beat,
But She Smiled, and I took Her Hand,
And I Became the Man.
I Took a Chance and I Learned how to Dance,
Eventually it Lost all Romance,
I Arose and She Left, It Was just to good to be True,
But I Never Knew, Dancing was one Other Thing,
A Woman Showed me I Could do."

She Wanted a Man Who Could take that Stage,
I Was Nervous, and Shy, But Before I met Her,
I Knew I Could Never even Try..
But the Song, I Sang, Came Out Just Right,
And She Loved me all through the Night..
Other People Clapped and I Laughed,
I Arose and She Left, It Was to Good to be True,
But I Never Knew, Singing was one Other Thing,
that A Woman, Showed me.. I Could do."

I Cannot Deny I Still Miss Them all,
But A Man Who Will Rise..
Musn't Be Affraid to Fall,
They Filled me up with Knowledge and Wisdom,
My Talents, my Abilities and my Passion,
All Though No Woman I Ever Knew,
Even Ever Had a Clue,
But If I Ever Run Into Anyone of them Again,
I'll Say, You Women, I Thank You!"

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