Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Your Tomboy

Her Best Friends are Guys,
So Her Beauty, Never Goes Unnoticed
And No Matter How much She Tries,
She's followed by a bunch of staring eyes,
But Everybody Just Pretends,
that there not really wanting to be
More then Friends.."
You all Smile,
Because you Know it's all True.."
She don't like Pink,
You know it's all Blue..
She'll make you go Naughty.
She's not just a Tomboy,
She's a Hottie."

She's always wanted a Rose,
She's got Dirt on her Face,
And Mud, All Over her Clothes..
She Could Fill out a Dress,
But Nobody Asks, So Nobody,
Ever Really Knows.
You Skip out on a Party,
She's not just the Tomboy,
She's a Hottie."

She'll throw you a Ball,
And Laugh, Everytime you Fall,
She'll Only make you mad for a second,
You Don't Yell, Because You Never..
Want to Wreck it,
She Doesn't do her Hair,
She'll Always Wear a Bun or a Hat,
Because Right now, She just Don't Care.
She'll make you Sometimes Wonder,
How did You ever live with out her."
You think of her Body,
She's not just Your Tomboy,
She's a Hottie."

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  1. I enjoyed reading this: such vivid, effervescent poetry.