Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Old Broadway

I Don't Care if Your a Cougar or a Cub,
If Your atleast 18 you'll belong in my Club.
I Can Make a Funny,
You'll Feel it in Your Tummy,
Ya-ya Yummy!
I'll Sprinkle Fun in Your Hair,
if You Pull Out Your Tongue,
I'll Put it in There.
I Can have fun,
Just about Anywhere."

They Call me the Critter,
If I Can Put it in Her,
Then She's a Winner."
I'm a Hunter,
But I'm not a Killer,
So Bring more Shots,
Because that's my Dinner!"
I See all these Bitches,
And I know they see me.
I'll Flaunt all my Money,
at the OB!"

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