Friday, April 2, 2010

Don't Feed the Cat

It was suppost to be a One Night Stand,
But then Things Got Out of Hand,
One Night Lasted Longer then One Little Lay,
She Kept Coming Back Day after Day,..
How Was I to Know? That if I feed the Cat Once,
It Won't Ever Go Away.."

I Know I'm the One to Blame,..
For Buying into her Selfish Cries
Everytime the Seductive Mynx Came."
But Now I'm Expected to always again Save..
Crooked Cat, Why Can't You Split?"
I Guess I Dug my Own Grave,
And I'm Rollin' in it!"

Now, I'm Ignoring her Calls..
But I get so Annoyed,
I Punch Holes in my Walls,
Next Time my Own Dog Barks,
I Won't Feed him a Bone..
I'm Sorry I Had No Sparks,
You Crazy Cat,
Just Please Go Home!"

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