Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Right now, Right here

I always wanted too..
Laugh, Chat and Dance where winner's Dine,
Sit up tall and smile in seats that don't recline,
Stand on a Carpet that matches the color of wine,
Yes, Sometimes it sounds all elegant and so divine,
But there's a reason why I don't live that life,
and it's because baby, I like mine."

Yes, I always wanted too..
Sometime Live in a palace up high for all to revere,
Sit on the Coast, Relax in the sun and never run out of beer,
Or Cruise down a road where the hills never end,
Or have so much green that I could never spend,
My Fondest Dreams may never Disappear,
It's just that better ones start to Appear,
Yes, Sometimes it still sounds nice out there..
But I don't really need it..
for I have I want, right now,
right here."

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