Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Deja Vu

There's Something going on here and I'm not sure what it is,
Somehow I got the feeling that I've already done this,
But Sometimes what feels like Deja Vu,
Turns out to be just another drunk night from the same ol'view..
You find yourself Lookin' at a very familar scene,
Maybe it's time for you to change up your routine,
You expect things to change,
But it never does, Because you never do,
Maybe it's time for something new.."

It's alright sometimes to be a little selfish,
Because it's never a good thing to be selfless,
So If you're tired of hearing the same o'l jokes,
Stop surrounding yourself with the same ol'soaks,
Somehow somewhere along your path,
you got thrown in with the loop,
And only you are the only one,
that can tell yourself that you Don't..
Or you can just Keep on tellin' yourself,
I know I'm destined for something,
And why the hell is God not letting me have it?.."

Take a good look, at where you're at,
Take a good look, at whom you attract,
Change you're way of thinkin'
You are more then just a pawn,
You don't have to keep singing along,
If you think you are better then this,
Then you will sing your own damn song..
And When the whole world see's that God made something new,
..Then the whole world will sing for you!"

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