Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Man Knows

I once knew a man who knew what he was doin',
Seems like in this date and time a man like him,
Is becoming more scarce to find..
He started out selling pencils,
For pennies and not a nickel more,
He and His Old Lady,
Met Sometime after the war,
He purchased up some farm land up north,
And then there first child was born,
And as time went on,
More kids came along..
Soon the river down by the bay stopped flowing,
All the kids moved out,
And grand kids started growing,
The First borns looked more like him,
And they came over time and time again,
Then one day the old man died,
Years later he and his Old Lady did re-unite,
The Children inherited the land that was left behind,
Some may remember him as a political man,
Some may remember him by the shovel in his hand,
Some may say he was even slowly losing his mind,
No, He was just a man who knew what he was doin',
A man who knew what he was doin' all this time."

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