Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fishin' for a Life

Packed up the Poles, Backed up the Boat
Took my Truck to that Old' Fishin' spot
Where I Once Caught the Big One,
A Couple hours later'
The mosquitoes started bitin'
But the, Fish were still fightin'
Came home late the night,
With the, Catch of the Day,
When my woman said to me,
"Still throwin' your life away I see."
I said "What do you mean?"
She said "There's more to life then just fishin!"
So I started thinkin' But not for long,
I started Laughin', Sayin'
"No Dear, There really isn't.."

Like that time when I had that summer job
But I, wasn't makin' nearly enough,
I had to fish for another job.
Like every year around my father's birthday,
I gotta go out and fish for another card,
You say there's more to life then fishin'
But when it comes down to it there really isn't.
Fishin' for new friends, Fishin' to make ends,
And Actual Fishin' on weekends,
You say there's more to life then fishin'
But in life, When it comes down to it..
Fishin' is all there is

She just started shakin' her head,
"You know that's not what I meant" she said
And that time When I felt like something was missin' in my life,
I even went out and fished up myself a wife,
So you can see how all you say isn't entirely true,
After all these years your still the best one I ever caught,
Cause' I was even fishing when I found You!
I was even fishin'... when I found You!..
"Now c'mon honey would you like some of this?
Now baby would you like some fish?"
"Sure but next time your takin' me with you."

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