Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Ain't Ever Going Back

I remember lovin' being single,
I remember lovin' every last minute of it,
But when I think about it now,
About what I loved the most about it, I forget
Since you came, it Ain't ever gonna be the same..
Live it, Laugh it, Love it I Ain't ever going back!

She takes her coffee with a little coconut spiced cream,
Plays her Playlist in the morning while shuffling around doing her thing
Her bed has more pillows then that of what I own,
But that's what makes it feel more like home,
She walks into the room looking for something,
With her one leg arched off the ground,
All while brushing her teeth!
And I just can't seem to see myself,
Ever going back..  Or anytime soon..

Buggy eyed sun glasses on a summer day,
I've now seen her in every color,
And Oh Man I have to say,
She wears every last one of them well,
She wears those high rise shorts that no man likes,
But me, because I know what's underneath,
When she leans in to rest her head on my chest
And When we both ain't got nothing we gotta do,
Ohhh, those days are the best
Yes, I ain't ever going back..

Bites her nails but I think it's a cute little habit,
Girl you don't have to do a thing to earn my love,
Because you already have it,
Your the reason I ain't ever going back.
That laugh, My smile, This love,
Nope I Ain't ever going back!'