Sunday, January 11, 2015

Does it Matter

'Sittin' here out of sight and in my mind
Tryin' to figure out why it didn't all work out,
And why I can't seem to stop
Thinkin' about you everyday,
But I don't know why I'm so worried about it,
It don't matter anyway..'

It's a total awakening,
When you finally open up your eyes and see
Worrying doesn't get you anywhere, anyway
You do You, I'll do me,
Maybe someday you'll wake up,
And finally see the world like me,
But in the end, To me, It doesn't matter anyway..

It used to make me feel insignificant when
people used to close the door on me,
When in my heart I knew I had so much left to offer,
But now when I look back..
I can't even begin to figure out
why it ever used to get to me!'

It doesn't matter to me anyway
No, It don't matter anyway,
Who am I to say what matters to you today,
When it never really mattered to me anyway.'
Because in my heart I know I'm enough,
I'm capable of love, I'm adaptable to hurt,
In that moment when you realize what you are capable of,
well the rest, It don't matter anyway..'How am I going to end this song?
Oh, how am I going to end this..
Does it matter anyway?

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