Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No Big Deal

When you came into my life,
You were a Hot Mess,
In need of somebody's company,
In need of a little less stress,
You needed somewhere to cry,
And You needed somebody to hear it,
And that somebody happened to be me.'

'I asked you "Do you feel what I feel?"
You said 'No, But it's not a Big Deal,
No it's not a Big Deal for you,
And how You feel, But to me,It felt pretty real,
I suppose I'm gonna have too,Learn too Deal..'

Now I'm on myway to pick up sleeping pills,
Or on my way to a bar and drink,
To avoid my heart into telling my head what it should think,
For You filled my head with false promises,
and You filled my heart up with hope,
In the end I know I'll be fine,
When Time heals what is broke..

One of these days,I'll get over you,
One of these days I know I will,
It may not be today,
It may not be tomorrow,
It may not even be a month from now,
But I know the answer to this riddle,
That Only Time will tell..'

You'll go round and round,
Wasting other people's time,
You'll keep finding what you can find'
till you make up your mind,
But you're no longer wasting mine..
You said it Yourself,You know how You Feel,
If you ever need my help again,
I'll say "Oh,.. So... No Big Deal"

Summer turned to winter,
Winter turned to fall,
You were right all along,
It wan't,..
A Big Deal,..
After All.'

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