Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Single Life

She said "Please don't take this the wrong way,
I think You're a Really nice guy,
But I think it's time,
You go Your way and I go mine.."
Oh no, Without you, Whatever will I do?
I didn't tell her this but damn, well,
Maybe everything that I used too..'

I'm gonna go out with my friends again,
Be Beer Pong Champion,
Walk around my house with Nothing on,
No more pretending to like Glee,
Sing what I want for Karaoke,
Stay up late and play Call of Duty.

No more Stinking up the house
with the smell of febreze,
And no more holding in my farts,
I missed farting whenever I please,
Skinny Dip in the Lake that you used to hate,
And Use Leeches again as my bait,
Drink beer because I never liked drinking your wine,
And Return home tonight or tomorrow with no set time.

It feels so damn good to be back,
And I'm so glad she's gone,
I think I'll just let her keep thinkin'
I'm slowly moving on."

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