Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dylan Bosch on Women

"Have you ever had a girl have a crush on you and then when you find out she does you have no interest in her and then when she isn't attracted to you anymore you then are interested in her."
"Don't you think Damn what happened? Why wasn't I attracted to her then? It's because when you are just handed something it becomes less desirable..Just like money, you spend it as soon as you get it if you didn't work to earn it!"
"So if there is a woman that you really want right now, Don't tell her you like her right away! Don't rush! If you really really want this woman. Then date another woman.. The results will amaze you in many ways! First, you will have experience on rejection and if you lose this girl it won't be that much of a setback, heart break or any somewhat of a big deal because it wasn't the One. It wasn't the One you were actually going for. Second, maybe this woman will find that you are more desirable when you are taken and you are showing no interest for her at all at this point, but you really are interested. Third, becasue it repeats what I was talking about at the start, you don't like it when stuff is handed to you so why would she be any different?"
"Remember you are the man! Always walk tall and if you find girls in groups always get to know there friends first before you get to know the One you actually want.."
"Sex wise think about your partner first, it might of been okay to think about all about yourself when your a teenager but not anymore, in highschool you were a big fish in a pond but this here is the ocean and your drowning! It's not all about you! It's about her.. unless you don't want her to come back again and do this more.. then go ahead. Also you should always try thanking them too. Not by saying the word thank you, but say something like "I had a good time last night or I will call you later." The biggest rule about what not to do after sex is don't ask something like.."How did I do? Was I the best you ever had?" That is one of the biggest turn offs for a woman there is!
"Have you ever tried to wonder what's in a woman’s mind? What is she thinking about? Do you know that women do not always mean what they say. They might say something and mean the exact opposite. But what do women actually want? When does anyone know what they want?"
"Remember Women get jealous as hell. They might deny it but the fact is they get extremely jealous even if their man talks to a random female or maybe a friend. She might pretend to act all nice but inside her jealousy volcano is about to erupt."
-"Do I look fat? This term is to a girl just like when we look in the mirror and say -"Does this make me look gay?" I know you’ve heard this one time and again but let's all admit to it officially! No matter how skinny she is she would never consider herself thin. Almost every woman occasionally asks this annoying question- "Am I looking fat in this honey?”
Don't share secrets with them- If you have than you are already on prime time radio. Almost every woman shares each and every secret with her friends.They have a good laugh over it. And yeah when I say secrets it means your private secrets as well if you know what I mean.
They know when you are cheating! Women have inbuilt instincts and emotion system which beeps and alerts when their man is cheating. No matter how big of a player you are you would always be caught no matter what."
Say something sappy to them when it's just you and her alone. Have ever been around a woman who has a piece of shit boyfriend? Is she really going out with him? You can be that man! If you say something sweet and be nice to her when no one is around and you are acting like an asshole at a party to everyone or you are being an angry drunk. She'll deffend you by saying this to everyone- "He's usually sweet or He never acts like this."
"You may not know this, but the ability to make women like you can be learned - and it's fairly easy too! Any guy can be insanely attractive - and it does not matter if he is bald, fat or ugly. In fact, you can be attractive even without saying a single word!
You have got to come across like a true alpha male in order to become attractive in the eyes of women. There is nothing a woman like's more then trying to see what you are thinking by looking into your eyes, but don't stare, then you'll be just plain weird look at her eyes for a couple seoconds and then when she notices by looking at you looking at her.. Look away, right away and then she will know. Do not be afraid of taking up space. For example, when you are sitting down, drape your arms behind the chair. Take up space - and look dominant!
Look at Rock stars walk around everywhere as if they own the place. They also scream dominance - which is highly attractive to women. You do NOT have to be a rock star to behave like one - it all boils down to your attitude. Observe how rock stars like Gene Simmons, Brandon Boyd and Brett Michaels behave and mimic your behavior like them."
Making women go through an emotional rollercoaster, and at the same time make them become emotionally connected and dependent. "Rock Star Persona" and "Alpha Man" Women have been known to want to sleep with them - in 15 minutes or even less!
Please do not use my advice and knowledge on woman for game. Use it to find the One."

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