Saturday, September 26, 2009

Canadian Girls

It Might Be a Little Breezy, But All the Girls Up here are all So Easy,
But Not at all so Sleezy, I respect there currency,
But my New Northern Lady isn't so shady,
She Fills my Heart up with Love.
Like an Angel Sent From Above,
They All Stand Tall in Montreal, Lookin For a Beauty?
Toronto is Where you Gotta go,
The Greatest Girl's You Ever Saw,
Are All in Manitoba, or You Should Manoever
Your Ass Up to Vancouver."

So I must Confess that Canadian Girls' are the Best,
They Got Kindness that matches the Cuteness
The Listing Price is Doubled Twice, But if you Understand
it's all the same in American, Then I'm the Man Dating a Knockout Canadian."

Hotels seem Dirt Cheep and When I look into your Eyes I can't Sleep,.
But Back to the U.S. is Where I Leap, But it's You My Babe I want to Keep!"
It's All the Same Amount, and What it's all ABOUT, About's a Boot,
To the North is where I Scoot, You Say Bur, But I Got Fur and I want Her."
So I Like the Canadian Chicks, they Say Men Back Home are all Cocky Pricks,
Just Always want to Handle Hockey Sticks!"
So If She Comes from the Place with the Red & White Flag,
I Like Meat, But if it's Got a Maple Leaf,
then that's my Hella Favorite Beef."

Your My Craft and I Don't need this Draft.
I Don't Want Labatt, I Just want my Baby Back.
and I hate this Blue, I Just Want You!"
I Could Be a Dopey Blue eye'd Honey Lovin,
Big Brown Canadian Bear, When I just sit there and Stare.
But I Couldn't Care as long as you are there."
So I Catch You a Samon and I make it Happen."

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