Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Four More Years

She Darted my Heart, We Were Seperated like Stripes and Solids Apart,
But She Doesn't Use my Money For the Little One's in the Shopping Kart,
When We met up in Court, I Vowed on paying this Child Support..

But She Spends it at Bars, and on Brand New Cars,
She Calls too tell me She Love's my Money,
And that she never Loved me Hunny,
But She's not the Only one who think's it's funny,
Goes on High-Priced Travel Trips, Love's Her New Lips,
She Doesn't make enough in Tips, Just Poker Chips,
But About me, I Buy all my Friend's Beer's
And they say Cheer's, Cause I only Got Four More Years.."

What's she Gonna Do? When She Can't Get No More Out of You..
Her Kid's She Can't Give a Try, Cause They Know She Never Did Rely,
So When There 18 there Just Gonna Pack there things and Say Goodbye"
In Four More Years.. Will You Give me Tears?
All I know, is that maybe in Four More Years..
She'd Wish She Would have been my Friend in the End.
Will you be a Wreck? When You Don't Recieve my Check,
You'll never Hear or See me, Cause I'll be Wild and Free.
If You ever even Loved these kids this is where they will Be."
In Four More Years.. I Can't Wait, In Four More Years,
I'll Love You Like I Loved You Way Back When."

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