Thursday, September 17, 2009

Captain in Command

"Dirt in my Roots and Dead Dust on my Hair,
In a Car you Roam Where you Like,
But in A Boat you Feel Like a Captain in Command."
The People Look to me to see the Master Plan at Hand,
When I Grab the Wheel and Sit Down On my Chair,
No Worries, No Care.. I Will Take on that Wave
If You Sucker's Double Dare. The Girls Cry Out with a Scare,
I Stay Strong and I hit it Head On.
You Sit up and You See No More Sun, I Say Sit Down
and that We Ain't Yet Done.. Through The Blue I Race
With Water Shot at My Face.. I Give it a Twist,.
Spray you with a Showery Mist.. Don't Tighten you Fist
Because this is One Captain You Don't Want Pist!"

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