Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I wish it would have been a Dragon

She Sprung up from this here chair,
She Shouted Kill it, And I said What and Where?"
Now I ran Around this here House,
Like a Cat Chasin' a Mouse,
And When that Wasp was finally Dead,
She Looked up at me and Said,
I'm Sorry, I just hate Bugs with Wings,
Little Critters and Eight Legged things,
I Smiled and I Said I Don't Care,
"Where I Have to Look or What I have to Find..
I Like Savin' You, And I Would do it Anytime,
Baby I Don't Mind,
Baby I Ain't Braggin'
I Just Wish it would have
Been a Dragon."

Because if it where a Dragon,
From You I was Savin'
There'd be Fire, There'd be Ash,
And There'd be Smoke,
I'd have a Sword not a Broom,
And my Shield might get Broke.
Yes I'd Fight till my Doom
And You Would See What I Would do,
Just to Rescue You..
Because If it where a Dragon I was Slayin'
I Would Look more Amazin'
Because If it Where a Dragon,
For You, I'd still Die Savin'

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