Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moving Forward

Sometimes you gotta sit down and
Take a look at that map,
Realise Where you're Going..
And Where you're At.
If Theres Somewhere you wanna be,
Never Say You Can't..

That's Why I say, Yes When I Can,
Maybe When I might,
And No, When It's not a Problem..

Take a Little Chance,
You Wear the Pants
Take a Little Risk,
You Can't alway's Miss,
Do what you Can,
Follow through on that Plan,
You are the Man!"

And Alway's Say, Yes When You Can,
Maybe When You might,
And No, When it's Not a Problem..

Don't Be Affraid to Fail,
As Long You Don't Go Backword's
You're alway's on a Trail,
Anybody may Fail Epically,
Anybody may Laugh Hysterically,
But I refuse to lose with the
hand that I've been Delt,
I may Cry, but I Don't Melt,
This is Where I'm Going,
This is Where I'm at,
If You Can Accept what I Can Give,
I Can Give You That."

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