Friday, January 21, 2011

I'd do Anything

It was on this playground,
Right Behind this pitcher's mound,
When a kiss on the lip's was a big thing,
When a quarter could buy you a wedding ring,
And as soon as I jumped off that bus I'd Sing..

God, I'd do anything
To hold on to this precious thing
To tell Time what I'm telling You,
Just name it God and that's what I'll do,
I know someday's I may pray for it all,
But I would put this above it all,
God, I'd do anything..
Just Don't Change a thing.

It was on this lake,
We'd keep our beer's in the cooler so they don't bake,
Year after year Outdue last year's summer break,
Laugh and Learn from the mistakes we used to make,
When the girl you've been lookin' for,
becomes more then just a fling,
And You're just prayin' for that day,
You Hear those church bells ring..
And I sing,

I'd do anything,
To hold on to that precious thing,
To Tell Her what I'm telling You,
If I really want it, that's just what I'll do,
I know someday's I want it all,
But I will put this one above it all,
God, I'm sorry I asked for anything...
For you gave me life,
And I wouldn't change a thing."

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