Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Mask

I stumbled into a Bar on Main,
I was looking to get reckless,
When Suddenly I realised,
An Angel also Came..
She Looked at me,
When the Bar Turned Black
She Smiled at me,
And She called me Sir,
She said May I Ask..
I Just Nodded my head,
She asked "What's with the mask?"
Now I shrugged my Shoulder's,
And I drew out my Flask..
I said "Baby What do you mean?
I'm Not wearing No Mask!"

then She Looked down at me and Said..
"Are You here for the Beer?"
"Are You here because You're Lost?"
"Are You here because You're Bad?"
"Are You here for the Lust?
Because You've Given up on Faith, Love or Trust?"
If You feel that's the reason You're Here,
Then I'm Sorry Sir, Drink You're Beer,
But if You're Not wearing a Mask..
Sir Why are you Here?"

A Week rolled on by,
I looked into a Mirror,
And asked Myself "Who am I?
And Am I Living a Lie.."
Below the Stage of a Gentlemen's Club out of Town,
I stared into a Young Girl's Eyes
As She was looking down.
As I looked up, I Smiled at Her,
And I Said "Okay I gotta ask..

What's with the Mask?"..
"Are You here for the Tips?
"Are You here for some kids or a grocery List?"
"Are you here because You're Scared?"
"Are You here for the lust?"
Because You've given up on faith, love or trust?"
If You feel that' the reason You're Here.
Then Cheers, I gotta Buck right here.
But if You're not wearing a mask,
Mam, Why are you Here?"

Nobody should allow an apple to rot,
An Angel can show you the Goodness You got,
Even if you hide behind a mask,
You Can still get Caught.
Something's don't match,
Something's just Clash,
If You're Wearing One,
You Can't run..
Sometime, Somehow,
Somebody may ask..
and Hopefully Someday,
You Remove that Mask.

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