Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't be Dumb

The other night I had a couple beers with my friend,
I said "I'm done lookin' for her, this is where I end.."
And as I rambled on about how I'm livin' the rest of my life in exile,
He couldn't hep but look at me and nod his head and smile,
He started tellin' me that's all in my past,
and there was nothing I could no longer do..
I felt myself also noddin' my head and I started smilin' too.

Crack the Cork on that bottle of Whine,
Make a Circle and pass it around,
Turn on that sad song that I call Mine..
But don't Rock me Back & Fourth, It's Cry Baby time..
Don't be Dumb, It's not you're fault you thought you found someone,
It's not wrong to give you're heart to anyone,
Don't be Dumb, that's how you find the One."

Don't throw what you have goin' on all away..
Because of Yesterday, You are who you are Today.
You did nothing wrong, And you gotta move on.
Let me tell ya, Nobody, Nowhere should ever feel like this,
But it always happen's, that's what the road to happyness is.
It may take a couple heartbreaks, and it may take some time..
And I'd wish you Good Luck, But if you keep doin'
what you've bee doin before,
I already know.. You'll do just fine!"

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