Thursday, March 31, 2011

You are You

You man can accomplish anything you set out do,
And the only man who can stand in front of that plan is you..
Don't Let anybody tell you what you can and cannot do,
Don't Let anybody deffine you,
Nobody knows you, better then you.."

One Man is never all men,
Pay no mind to there papers,
Pay no mind to there pen,
Someday Somebody may say Something,
But all that really matters is what you already know,
So Somebody's Something becomes Nobody's Nothing."
Pay no mind to what people say,
You can have Nothing, with no way,
And a Way will be made..
Just Keep you're head held high,
And you're worries will surely fade,
You Write you're own life,
And You Make you're own parade.
If You're Dream's haven't faded,
You're Purpose in life is Something you have
or haven't yet Painted..

Talk is talk, Don't let bad breath and pointed fingers
Block you're Walk, Don't let somebody's talk,
Make you stop, You are the hands of You're own Clock.
Don't let there lies become you,
You are You, And Nobody knows you,
Better then YOU!"

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