Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Man you Had

It may sound kinda sad, It may sound kinda sappy,
But you struck me as a woman lookin' for a man to make you happy,
I didn't know you were still lookin' for some boy who could make you cry,
And I didn't know this was how you said goodbye,
I didn't know you were that way,
I didn't know you were that young..."

I wouldn't have pulled a fast one on ya,
And I couldn't leave you sittin' on a curb,
I would of and I could of only gave you the kinda love that you deserve..
But I hope you hold on to my number,
I hope you someday call,
Nobody did anything wrong,
I'm just a Man who couldn't be a boy for you, that's all.."

I just hope someday you know, that I really did care.
And that I could of and would have been
that man who would have alway's been there.
Sooner or later you'll realize if
you're decision was good or if it was bad,
But Either way I hope you know,
That's the kinda Man you Had."

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