Thursday, June 30, 2011

She Ain't No You

I was walking along the beach,
While holding my woman's hand,
..Now I don't want anybody else but my lil' Peach,
But Out the Corner of my eye, I was eyein' up something
I shouldn't have been looking at,
When I turned back to look at my woman,
..She started lookin' a lil' mad,..
Now I was lost for words cause I
knew that I had gotten caught.
She looked me in the eyes and said,
"You should go be with her, if you think she is hot"
And Right away I said, "Ha.. Not!"

..Cause, She's got nothing on you hun,
You might as well compare the size of the moon
to the size of the sun, cause,
She don't make my hair rise,
And she don't have you're eyes,
But babe it ain't no surprise, cause
She Ain't No You..
She couldn't make me smile like you do,
I admit she's pretty good lookin'
But baby, She Ain't no You!..
She Ain't no you, She Ain't no you,
Yeah baby she's got nothing on you!

Search You're Heart, Search You're Soul,
You Know what I say is True..
She Couldn't make me feel the way I do,
When I'm with you, She Could never make me smile,
As much as you do.. Baby She ain't No You,
She's not you, you she is not."

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