Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best Friends

It's Passin' Scratch Ticket's on a 2-4-1 Bar Night,
When the Gang goes across the Bar to help you win you're own fight,
Or When you end up drinkin' more then you ever would have,
Or When you end up spendin' all you're money and you can't pay you're tab,
Or When you no longer have the cash to call for a cab,
And just when you're about to do something bad..
You're Buddy picks you up in that final hour,
Those are the friends you're glad you had."

It's when you get heart broken and bent out of shape over a girl,
Or When they walk you to the restroom because they know you're gonna hurl,
Or When they Know You're Wrong but don't wanna argue so they let you be right,
Or When they let you crash on the couch when you had a ruff night,
Or When you need to talk to someone when you're feelin' sad,
They'll show up at you're home when you can't be alone,
Those are the friends you're glad you had..
These are the friends I'm Proud to say I have."

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