Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Boy and His Bond

His Mood always Remain's Cheerful,
And the Tone of his Voice is alway's So UpBeat,
Told me never Lie, Eye's on Me and Never Cheat,
He Knows which Properties to Buy in Monopoly,
Photograph's Lightning and Enjoy's to Hear me Sing,
My Dad Know's Everything,..
Any Rock is Skippable my Boy,
You'll never Know if You Don't Try,
I'll Show you how to Tie this Tie,
I Hate when you Say Goodbye,
I Love you, Your my Son and your alway's Fun,
Your My Pride and Joy And
I'm Glad your my baby Boy!"
Taught me How to Drive a Car,
Baught me my First Beer at a Bar,
From here to now,
From Reading Me "Where All the Wild Thing's Are!"
There Was No Oppurtunities We Didn't Miss,
Faded or Lost, Father Loving You Has No Cost,.
And I Love this Father-Son Bond
Even Though I Never Act Like I Really Care,
You Were Always There!"

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