Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keeps Me Warm

I Don't Remeber the Shape of Her Face,
The Curve of Her Body, the Feel of Her Skin,
The Color of her Eyes, the Length of her Hair,
But I Don't Care, I Remember the size of her Heart.."

She Could have Been a Beauty, She Could Have Been a Cutie,
And She Could have Been Lookin' at me all Flirty,
But I was too Young, and Blind, and to Dumb, too Know.
That I Shouldn't have ever, Let a Girl like that Get up and Go."

It's my Shoes, that Keep Me Walkin.'
It'a a Women like that, that Keep's me Wantin."
It's Our Story, that Keep's us Talkin."
But it's Your Heart that Keep's me Warm."

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