Thursday, December 3, 2009

Angel Fly Away

You Remind Me of a Women I Never Knew,
Every Passing Day My Love for her just Grew,
But One Day, the Woman Left this Earth and Flew,
She Was a Dream to Everyone,
She Was So much Fun, And Her Bright Blonde Hair
Matched that of the Sun. Her Hair Curled Like Clouds,
But Now Can Only Be Seen in Pictures and in Shrowds."
I Never Held Her Hand, But I Did Grab Her Waste.
I Found Myself Stuck Staring at Her Face,
Was it She or Me that was taken to a Better Place?"
I Didn't Know her that Long, And If I Had,
I Don't know if My Heart would be as Strong,
I Can't Deny, I Still Did Cry, I Regret Not Saying..
Goodbye, But I sure am Glad that I Got to say "HI."
Now that I've Said, What I Wanted to Say,
Go Ahead Angel and Fly Away."

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