Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't Turn Away

"Sit Beside Me for the While,
Look into my eyes to make me Smile,
Don't Be Affraid of Moving too Fast,
Take my Hand and Make the Moment Last,
Stand to See, Dance with Me,
Please Say..
it's Okay,Take my Hand, Come with May,..
So I Can Turn Another Monday
into a Day of Play."

"Don't Say Goodbye Unless your Leaving,
Don't Say Goodnight Unless Your Sleeping,
I Will not Follow if You are Not Leading,
I Will not Love You if You are Not Needing,
Always On Your Word You Follow Through,
If You Love Me, Prove to Me that You Do,
I Think I'm Already Fallen For You..
Can You Feel it too? Can You Lay, Can You Stay,.
So I Can Turn Another
Hard Working Job..
into a Holy Day."

"It's Okay to Worry, it's Okay to be
Under so Much Stress,
Atleast I Know Your Not a Mess,
Your Not a Nickel, Your a Dime,
You Already Know this,
Because I tell You all of the Time,
I've Never Felt or Fell this Way,
So Don't Go Away, We Can Play,
So I Can Turn Your Goodbye
into a Stay."

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