Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knuckle Smart

Hot Sun Anger Red, Winter Wolf in Bed,
And Didn't want to sell his Arrow Head,
Buffalo No-No, Get in your Boat and Row-Row,
Not too Fast But Strong and Slow,Toss Your Gun,
Conceal Your Knife,Buy a Pitcher,
Live Your Life, Native Pride, I'm Alive."

Bend a Bow, Kill a Crow, Never Ask,
You'll Never Know. Pickin' Corns, Ridin' Horns,
Dnace a fire, Find a Buyer, hit for hire.
Need a Dollar, Make Him Pay,Get a Girl,
Let Her Play, Roll a Dice, Dig up Clay,
Throw him in, Escape the Pin, Never Sin,
Crack Your Back, Hawk Your Chin,
You'll have to Lose to get a Win."

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