Friday, December 4, 2009

Let's Just Drink

I Don't Care if your Usually a Nice Guy,
I'll tell you what, Some sh*t Don't Fly,
I Don't Care How Big or Bad Your Boys Are,
Or How Loud the muffler is to your Lousy Car,
Because Your Homies are All in my Hometown Bar,
I Don't Care if You Work Out Everyday,
I'll Just Laugh Harder when I Lay You Out Anyway..

Nothing You Can Say Can Scare me at All,
I Don't Care if if Your Biff to Mcfly Feet Tall,
So Just Keep Giving me that Mad Glare Stare,
I'll Still Take on All of You Fella's if you All Double Dare,
So You Can Keep Slammin' that Door,
Or Listen to Yourself Hollar and Roar some more,
You Can Even End up Moppin' me all Across this Floor..

Because You think I'm Weak, and that's You Flaw,
You've Never met a Man Higher then the Law,
You Think I'm Soft, But You Still Haven't Seen me
Without my shirt torn off. But I Don't Want to Fight,
I Just Want to Call it a Night, So Are You Done?
Sit Back Down, and I'll Buy You One."

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