Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frozen Heart Love

"A Boy Went Out Walkin, He Started Warm, then Went into the Storm,
Soon he Had Chapped Lips and Frozen Eye Lids with Rock Hard Mittens,
Flooded Pancake Ice Balls were Packed Smacked Between his Boots,.
Every Step Numbed his Face, But His Heart is What Guided him to the Place!"

He'd Leave Alone his Runny Nose, And When He'd Think the Wind was Dying,.
the Harder it Blows, The Caring For his Looks is Slowly Fading,
It's too Late to Turn Around, But it Might be Time for Him to go Down.

His Perfect Straight Smile White Pearly Teeth Look Rotten to the Snow.
His Wet Slickened Down Hair Turns Hardend to the Blow.
His Fingers Form to Frost, But He Don't Care,
He Will Get to Where He's Going at any Cost!"

His Face Feels Cold as Blue, But for Who? It Looks Blistering Red to the Eye,.
And Wind-Forced Tear's make it Look Like a Cry, His Breathing In and Out is
Beginning to Hurt, For What? A Flirt... All He Does is Continue to Walk,
And Yell Out at the Lord, Like He's Right there to Talk, Everything He See's is White,
But He Know's the Way is Right, Will he Make it? Who Knows? He Just Might..
And Does He Have to Go? No, Is He Young? Is He Dumb? No, He's Just a Boy, And He's in Love."

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