Monday, November 30, 2009

What a Man Does

I hope you Understand. I'm a Man With a Plan,
So C'mon my Love and Hold my Hand."
I Will Build Our Home. You Can Grow a Garden.
And You Will Never Be Alone, I Will Break a Rock,
And You Will Wear a Stone, I Will Roll the Kart,
And You Will Pick the Food, But You Don't Have to Cook,
I Can Do that Too.If I'm Under the Same Sheet,
I Can Rub Your Feet.If Your Feeling into Deep,
You Can Rest Your Eyes Or You Can Go to Sleep.
I Will Continue Strong, If Your Love is Looking Weak,
We Can Take a Break, I Will Keep You Warm
in the Coldest of the Lake,And I Can Get Away with it,
Just Because, that's what a Man Does.."

I Will Fish for Bass, You Can Fog up Glass..
I Will Ring Your Hair, if You Will Raise my Mass.
We Never have to Fight, If I agree your Always Right.
We Can Stay at Home or We Can Go All Night.
I Can Make the Coffee, You Can Poor a Cup.
I'll Still Love You Without the Makeup.
I'll Tie a Tie around my neck or go Outside
till my Skin Turns Red When I Paint that Deck."
But What Do You Expect, I'm Your Armor to Protect.
Because I Am Just A Man and this is What he Does.."
I'm Your Man, and Everything I do,
is all for Women such as You!"

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