Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Page

You Say You Don't Want me, But You Don't See What I Do, And that is You.
How Many Women Are Sure of What they Really Want, Be Sure, Better Be Sure,
Look at What You Already Got, You Can't Win or Lose if You Don't Take the Shot.
Her Hand's are Cold, But When I Rub them they are Hot. When I Swallow,
Breath Loud, Legs Grow Weak or Hollow, I Feel lifted up by a Cloud, I Get Frightend,
But Brightend, When You Catch What I Want in Your Eyes, I hope One Day You Relise,
I'm Not Like all your other Guys, Time Fly's, So Can You Tell What it is I'm Thinkin?"
If You Can't I Will Let You Know and Smile at Your Eyes by Winkin."

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