Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's take out the Boat

I recieved her text,
She said "It's Almost summer,
So you know what's coming next...
"Let's take out the Boat.."

Let's take out the Boat,
Go Out to the middle of the Lake,
Turn up the Music real loud and just sit there and Float,
or Pull me behind the tube and rock me around like a rubix cube,..
Let's Reach way down in an ice cold cooler and see what comes out,
Let's take out the Boat.

I Can't wait to get out of this shade and out to that sun,
Bust out the tune's, Blow it up and have some fun..
I got my noodle and I'm ready to float my worries away,
So hurry up baby, We don't have all day..
Thumbs down means slow,
Thumbs up means fast,
But don't be scared,
We all end up fallin' on our ass.

Get that man a life jacket,
When he get's up on that board,
I'm gonna let him have it..
Tell him to Hold on to his head,
Because just like my beer,
I'm gonna crack it!"
Thumbs down means slow,
Thumbs up means fast,
I can't wait,.. We'll have a Blast.
The Boat will be shakin'
By the Waves I'll be makin'
Let's take out the boat,
..That's all she wrote!"

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