Sunday, March 13, 2011

This Too shall Pass

I know it Hurt's, It Hurt's like Hell..
I've been there as well,
And I Can tell you it does get better,
And that we all just want you Back..
I Could tell you about a time before I met you're mom,
Heartbreak and a Woman almost got me parked on a Railroad Track,
I Once thought like you, I thought nothing could ever bring me back.
So I know what You're going through..
But I thank God Everyday for that little something I didn't do,
For I wouldn't have met you're mom..
and I Wouldn't have you!"
This Too shall pass..
Boy, Don't make me kick you're ass,
It may seem like this is the worst of the worse but it's all in you're head,
but what doesn't kill you, mean's that you aern't dead.
In time my son, this will only be the past
In time, This Too shall pass.."

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