Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Become a Man

You Can't always stay a Peter Pan,..
You Can't always stay in Neverland,
You Can't spend you're day's flyin' away
Or Expecting that Mary will always' stay and play,
Everybody's gotta grow up and be a Man someday."

You Can't stay beside a shadow that you can't always find,
And You Can't turn back the clock or stop the time,
But if you Look Beyond the message of a book,
You'll find there's more to life then just fightin' a man
who's got a hand for a hook, yeah."

Yeah I know right now you may think it is fun,
And you may just think that when you grow up
those day's will be done,
But What if Someday Mary no longer takes you're hand,
Sayin' "I'm Sorry Peter for with you I can't come,"
For You stayed a boy and I'm a woman,
And I'm Sorry Peter, I've found Someone.."

And then you're left with only a happy thought,
And Someday you'll realise it's not what you think that you want,
that you really want,.. it was alway's something else..
and then you lose you're only shot.. so you better be sure if stayin' a
boy forever, is something.. that you really want."

That's why you Can't alway's stay in Neverland..
That's why you Can't alway's stay a Peter Pan,
Someday you must,.. become a man."

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