Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women Like You

I'm still her sunshine, I'm still the one she call's "mine",
She Knows I love her so I don't tell her all of the time,
She still hangs up all my pictures on the fridge for all to see,
It's Mother's Like you that Bring out the Kid in me,
If not for mother's like you, I wouldn't be the man I be,
I Wouldn't be this man you all see.."

She'd take my toys, and I'd yell "Give me it Back,that's mine!"
We'd fight and argue, but we'd make up all of the time,
And now that we've grown, I've alway's got her back
and she's alway's got mine..
It's Sister's like you that bring out the Big Brother in me,
It's Sister's like you, that make me.. the man I be,
the man you all see.."

And now,.. I found a Woman that I hold everynight and I call mine,
I promised the Lord I would Love her for all time,
She holds my hand and I smile in the park for all to see,
And it's Women like you that Bring out the Man in me,
It's Women like you that make me the man, the man I am, for all to see."

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